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Creative Writing

As a writer, your words set you apart—and so does the way you look at the world and process your thoughts into observations on the page.

LVC’s creative writing major will help you hone each of those skills, from idea to end product. You’ll learn from faculty who are adept at bringing out your best while giving you the skills to write, speak, and think with clarity and creativity. Our program is study-abroad-friendly and features a journalism track.

For students who qualify, need-based departmental scholarships are available to support your LVC goals. You can also apply for our Creative Writing Fellows Scholarship, which is awarded based on your portfolio.

Learn More About the Program

Creative writing takes so many forms: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, script writing, journalism, digital media, and more, and it’s easy to combine with other majors. Write for our student publications La Vie Collegienne and Green Blotter, contribute to our alumni magazine and website, or complete an internship that aligns with your interests. Your classes at LVC are just the beginning of a career ripe with possibilities.

Brenna Womer speaks at Writing a Life event

Take the Stage

Take the Stage

Wig & Buckle, the oldest continually operating student group on campus, produces three to four shows a year. Students from all majors are welcome. As a Creative Writing major, you’ll build a new appreciation for how lines on the page come to life on stage.

Connect With Working Writers

It’s one thing to study a writer; it’s another to discuss the creative process face-to-face. Our “Writing: A Life” series brings visiting writers to campus, giving students in all disciplines the chance to interact with working artists and build a deeper understanding of the way literature affects society.

median annual pay for writers and authors, 2022 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
projected job growth for writers and authors, 2022–32 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

In Their Words

LVC’s Creative Writing Program has honed my craft and introduced me to a wonderful group of friends and artists. The writing workshops take me out of my comfort zone (in a good way) and have helped my work get published. The professors give invaluable feedback and encourage everyone to try all kinds of fun creative experiments.
Isaac Fox ’24, Creative Writing and English
The Creative Writing Program provided experience in a workshop environment and emphasized literary citizenship. This foundation taught me how to articulate and receive critical feedback, and to continue active engagement with broader literary communities.
Jackie Chicalese ’18, Ph.D. Candidate, the University of Nebraska
(The job market) is all about how adaptive you are and how quickly you can pick up something new. If you are attentive to language, interested in communications, curious about the world, and willing to see something through, you’re set; and that is what creative writing can teach you.
Dr. Holly Wendt, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing

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