Theresa J. Rosenberg

Theresa J. Rosenberg

Assistant Professor of English


Phone: 717-867-6405

Office Location: Humanities 206

B.A., University of California, Irvine; M.A., Ohio University

TEFL/TESL, Linguistics, Communication, Writing, Sociolinguistics, Grammar

Research & Practice Areas:
Rhetoric, Gender, First Year Experience, Effective use of technology in the classroom

I am currently researching topics and approaches to best meet the needs of our first-year students as they transition to college. This research includes identifying topics of interest to students in a variety of majors and providing standard expectations to prepare students for the academic rigor of courses at LVC. I am also an avid user of technology in the classroom to provide engaging opportunities for students.

  • FYE 111 and FYE 112
  • COE226SS: We are the World
  • COE237HU: Gender and Communication
  • ENG335: Editing
  • ENG 331: Persuasive Writing