Jenn Linebaugh

Jenn Linebaugh

Administrative Assistant, Shroyer Health Center


Phone: 717-867-6232

Office Location: Shroyer Health Center

Having grown up in Annville, Jenn says LVC’s campus felt like an extension of her home. She wants students to feel the same level of safety and comfort during their time here. Jenn came to LVC in 2018 from a career in government institutions and nonprofit organizations, where she served victims of crime, young people with disabilities, and children from households where the income was below the federal poverty threshold. The experience she gained gives her insight into building trust and respecting boundaries in facilitating care for our students’ physical and emotional needs. “Mama Jenn,” as she has come to be known by some of the students, enjoys watching students grow into themselves during their four years at LVC. From the health forms that all incoming students submit to the student that visits Shroyer each week, Jenn has some level of interaction with every student that comes to campus.  

Jenn enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and their Labrador Retriever, Max. When not at work, she likes to unwind with a jigsaw puzzle, a hobby she picked up during the COVID lockdown.