Dr. Kyle Hoy

Kyle Hoy ’12

Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

B.A., Lebanon Valley College; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Energy and Environmental Economics, Demand Analysis, Econometrics and Statistics

Research & Practice Areas:
Resource Booms and Busts, Severance Taxes, Policy Analysis

While trained as an economist, my teaching interests focus on the quantitative tools used in business decision-making. As a researcher, my primary interest focuses on the economic impacts of resource booms and busts. I am also interested in understanding the effects of taxes on both energy production and food purchases.

  • Hoy, Kyle A., and Douglas H. Wrenn. 2020. “The Effectiveness of Taxes in Decreasing Candy Purchases.” Food Policy. 97 (December 2020). 101959.
  • Hoy, Kyle A., Irene M. Xiarchos, Timothy W. Kelsey, Kathryn J. Brasier, and Leland L. Glenna. 2018. “Marcellus Shale Gas Development and Farming.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 47 (December 2018): 634-664.
  • Hoy, Kyle A. and Douglas H. Wrenn. 2018. “Unconventional Energy, Taxation, and Interstate Welfare: An Analysis of Pennsylvania’s Severance Tax Policy.” Energy Economics. 73 (June 2018): 53-65.
  • Hoy, Kyle A., Timothy W. Kelsey, and Martin Shields. 2017. “An Economic Impact Report of Shale Gas Extraction in Pennsylvania with Stricter Assumptions.” Ecological Economics. 138 (August 2017): 178-185.
  • BUS 170 Introduction to Business Analytics
  • BUS 260 Business and Marketing Analytics I
  • BUS 361 Principles of Finance
  • BUS 383 Management Science
  • MBA 805 Financial Policy
  • MBA 833 Managerial Economics
  • MBA 840 Business Analytics