MAY 14

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 vaccines now available to all groups in PA. Let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated. Students are required to fill out the Symptom Tracker every day.

Philosophy of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program

The philosophy of the Communication Sciences and Disorders and Speech-Language Pathology Program at Lebanon Valley College is that the role of the speech-language pathologist is to provide client-focused therapy that is outcome-based and culturally sensitive. This philosophy aligns with the student-centered mission of Lebanon Valley College that embraces differences and seeks to empower students with a liberal arts education.  We believe in the mission of the college to provide immersive learning experiences that will aid in the development of analytical decision-making skills using evidence-based approaches for clinical practice. We encourage the students to pursue citizenship and lifelong learning. 


Vision Statement 

The vision of LVC’s Speech-Language Pathology program is to prepare our students to be qualified and compassionate professionals who assist individuals with communication and swallowing disorders to thrive in their community.


The mission of the Speech-Language Pathology Program

The mission of the Speech-Language Pathology program at Lebanon Valley College is to educate students to be competent, ethical clinicians that are able to serve people with communication and swallowing disorders. The rigorous curriculum offers courses to help students think critically and comply with ethical standards expected by those holding the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Certificate of Clinical Competence. This program also offers onsite clinical opportunities to ensure the understanding and application of evidence-based methodology.



The program will be submitted candidacy paperwork in the Spring of 18 and be approved for candidacy for the CAA by the spring of 2020.

  1. The program will hire faculty with expertise in all core areas to fit the program’s needs.
  2. The program will provide the facilities to support an SLP program: classrooms, clinic rooms, faculty offices, audiology rooms, and clinician workspace.
  3. The program will develop academic and clinical handbook.
  4. The program will hire a clinical director who is experienced in clinical supervision and able to develop excellent clinical experiences for all students.
  5. The program will provide a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students to become speech-language pathologists.
  6. The program will provide on-campus clinical experiences for Clinics 1, 2, and 3.
  7. The program will establish relationships with external clinical placement supervisors that are qualified and meet program expectations.
  8. The program will develop and implement a program assessment program that aligns with the knowledge and skills required by ASHA, the department mission and goals and the mission of LVC.
  9. The program will ensure that students can demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for ASHA credentials with 100% of students passing Praxis.
  10. The program will provide courses stated in the program map to ensure that all students graduate within the expected time frame.
  11. The program will adopt and implement a web-based tracking system for each student’s knowledge and skills, clinical hours and accreditation forms.
  12. The program will develop a specific remediation plan for students who are not meeting academic or clinical expectations.
  13. The program will provide the technological resources necessary for student success.