An LVC Exercise Science major performs an exercise on a patient

About the Program

The Health Sciences at LVC is home to three highly competitive and in-demand programs, including exercise science, a four-year bachelor’s program. This comprehensive program explores the interaction between exercise and human performance by emphasizing real-world problem solving and practical experience. Majors will study in the College’s new Jeanne and Edward H. Arnold Health Professions Pavilion, opening summer 2018.

You’ll build basic foundational knowledge in the sciences, followed by content that has a direct application to exercise prescription and rehabilitation. You’ll gain hands-on experience during the practicum working alongside highly qualified professors and practicing clinicians. Our strong and active alumni network ensures that graduates will have extensive support during their academic careers and after program completion.

Why LVC?

  • Exercise science majors will learn from faculty who have many years of hands-on, clinical experience, in addition to years of academic training. This real-world experience leads to more engaging learning, as well as extensive professional contacts that help students gain internships and clinical experiences.
  • LVC’s Exercise Science Program collaborates with the College’s nationally recognized Physical Therapy Program, and the departments work closely and collaboratively, which ultimately benefits all students.
  • Exercise science majors have numerous opportunities to partner with their faculty on research ranging from injury prevention and youth sport injury surveillance. They will also gain extensive experience working with student-athletes on the College’s 25 NCAA teams.
  • Exercise science majors will work with their classmates in small groups to gain hands-on patient training, unlike large school programs where this is conducted en masse.
  • Exercise science majors will benefit from a large national network of clinical sites.
  • Majors will explore the interaction between exercise and human performance with supportive, responsive, and experienced faculty. They will examine the factors involved in health and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.