Celebrating Student Research, Scholarship, and Creativity

Inquiry is a celebration of student research, scholarship, and creative achievement coinciding with the Council for Undergraduate Research's week-long celebration of student accomplishments.

Inquiry 2017 began on April 2, 2017 with the Pi Mu Epsilon honor society induction and concluded on Thursday, April 27. The period included induction ceremonies into national and international academic honor societies, poetry readings, musical recitals, and oral research presentations. The departmental awards ceremony was scheduled for Thursday, April 27, followed by the Inquiry symposium, a signature event showcasing LVC students' diverse talents. At the symposium, close to 200 undergraduates from every academic department displayed their work to an audience of faculty, peers, Trustees, administrators, and friends of the College.

Inquiry 2017 Awards

Digital Communications

1st Place: Alpine Supply Company

Group Members: Tim Harris, Nicholas Jones, Baker Landon, & Travis Saylor

Abstract: Developed and tested a backpack that provides a stylish and effective method of keeping goods cool that combines the accessibility and convenience of a backpack with the capabilities of a top of the line cooler. 

2nd Place: Jabeeko

Group Members: Elizabeth Allebach, Matthew Ferrara, Ryan Peugh, Lyndsay Riedel, & Caity Stevens

Abstract: Jabeeko is an online marketing agency that helps small businesses improve their online presence through creative solutions. Small business owners can easily maintain these solutions through the utilization of credible freelancers and account executives.

3rd Place: CampusNow

Group Members: Ashley Davis, Braxton Kocher, Katherine Miller, Kyle Rosen, & Rachel Sautner

Abstract: We empower students to experience college through a central app that integrates social, extra-curricular, and academic activities.  Through this heightened engagement, colleges will have improved retention and graduation rates.


1st Place: Objective vs. Subjective Perceptions of Writing Skills

Name: Ashley Mogle

Abstract: Connections to grit, habits of mind, and composition-related attitudes/behaviors.

2nd Place: Predicting Grit

Name: Hannah Davis

Abstract: Parenting styles, academic entitlement, and cognitive habits.

3rd Place: Cognitive Firewalls

Name: Alyssa Potosnak

Abstract: Protecting pseudoscientific beliefs at the expense of rational reasoning.


First Place: Retinoic Acid Treatment Decreases Proliferation of Casein Kinase-2 Overexpressing Neuroblastoma Cells Without Affecting Cell Viability

Name(s): Abigail Samuelsen & Kyra Valent

Second Place: Self-Powered Enzymatic Biosensor for Simultaneous Detection of Two Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease

Name(s): Julia Rutherford

Third Place: Ruthenium Tris-Bipyridine Cage Complexes as Host Systems fo Alkali and Alkaline Earth Guests

Name(s): Alyssa Smale


First Place: Role of Adenosine 2A Receptors in Dopamine 2 Receptor & Dopamine Transporter Depletion in Iron Deficiency

Name(s): Morgan Webb & Nicholas Scullin

Second Place: Benthic Macroinvertebrates Used As a Biomonitoring Tool to Determine Quittapahilla Creek Water Quality

Name(s): Bryce Betz

Third Place: The Suppression of Garlic Mustard by Common Chickweed

Name(s): Janeyah Rivers-Hamilton