Summer Scholars Camps Honor a Pioneer in Plastics

The late Dr. Daniel Fox, for whom Lebanon Valley College's Summer Scholars was named, was one of the College's most prominent science alumni. A 1948 graduate in chemistry, he was internationally known as "The Father of Lexan Polycarbonate," a plastic used in everything from baby bottles to car bumpers to CDs. Lexan polycarbonate launched the engineering plastics industry: tough, heat-resistant plastics that do the work of metals and ceramics at lower cost, weight, and energy consumption.

During his entire career, Fox worked for General Electric (GE), where he was manager of chemical development for the $5 billion GE Plastics business. He held 45 patents, was the youngest living inductee to the Plastics Hall of Fame, and received the first GE Steinmetz Award, the company's recognition for its top scientists.

His employees proudly called themselves students of the "Dan Fox University" because of his record of identifying, training, and promoting top young scientists. The best known graduate of Dan Fox University is Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of GE.

Fox exemplified hard work, diligent pursuit of a question, and intellectual integrity-values that are reflected in the Daniel Fox Summer Scholars Camps.