Levels of Giving

Every gift counts. Every gift is important.
Recognition levels include:

Contributors: $1-$99
Quittapahilla Club: $100-$249
Charter Club: $250-$499
Valley Club: $500-$999

The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society
Every donor who gives at least $1,000 annually for any College purpose becomes a member of The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society. Membership reflects total giving to LVC for any one academic year. Named for the College’s first president, The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society membership is offered at five levels:

Society Associate: $1,000-$1,865
The 1866 Circle: $1,866-$2,499
President’s Circle: $2,500-$4,999
Five Founders' Circle: $5,000-$9,999
Trustee Associate: gifts of $10,000 and above

Additionally, within the Vickroy Society there are three levels that recognize cumulative, or lifetime, giving:

Laureate Society
Recognizes those whose gifts to the College, made during their lifetime or posthumously, total $1,000,000 or more

Lifetime Vickroy Associates
Recognizes those whose cumulative lifetime giving totals $100,000 or more

Provisional Lifetime Vickroy Associates
Recognizes those who execute a pledge instrument that will, when completed within a seven-year period of time, bring them to $100,000 cumulative lifetime giving