Class of 2015 Gift Drive 

What is the Class of 2015 Gift Drive?

The Class of 2015 Gift Drive provides you the opportunity to support the community that has supported you for four years. It also helps you say "thank you" to LVC for all the experiences that have shaped you.

What can I support?

Support whatever made an impact on you. Give to where your passions lie, and make LVC possible for another student. Areas of designation include The Valley Fund, scholarships and financial aid, academic departments, athletics, cultural activities, High-Impact Experience Fund for students, and President’s Innovation Fund for faculty.

Will our gifts really make a difference?

Absolutely! Your gifts provide future students with the same opportunities you have enjoyed. You will truly help make LVC possible for another student.

What are the goals for the Class of 2015 Gift Drive?

The Class of 2015's goals are to raise $2,015 in donations from 110 members (25%) of the class.

Your class also has a unique opportunity to secure additional support for LVC through the generosity of Woodrow “Skip” Dellinger, LVC Class of 1962. Mr. Dellinger has generously agreed to donate $1,000 when you reach 55 donors, and another $1,000 when you reach your goal of 110 donors from the class!

Your participation, with a gift in any amount, could help provide an additional $2,000 to LVC!

How do I make a gift to the Class of 2015 Gift Drive?

Donations in the form of cash, check, or credit card are accepted. Seniors can fill out a Class of 2015 Gift Drive Form with their information and donation at various events hosted by the Class of 2015 Gift Drive Committee, or receive a form from a member of the committee. You can also visit Shaylene Scheib '07, assistant director of annual giving, in Laughlin Hall to pick up a donation form and make a gift. Checks can be made out to Lebanon Valley College.

To make a gift online, please click the link below.



Please direct any questions to Shaylene Scheib ’07, assistant director of annual giving, at 717-867-6324 or

A special thank you to the Class of 2015 Gift Drive Committee: Jill Daugherty, Kiely Chaklos, Andy Kittleson, Sam Calabria, Felicia Dragon, Steph Price, Ashley Smith, Katie Bradley, Ryan Salem, and Melany Reyes-Rodriguez

By making a gift to the Class of 2015 Gift Drive, you are joining a Lebanon Valley College tradition of seniors giving back to our College. Click here to learn more about the history of the Senior Class Gift Drive.

Progress Toward Goal of 110 Donors: 112 Donors

Mr. Kevin J. Agnew
Mr. Derek J. Baum
Mr. Zachary J. Beidler
Ms. Katlyn E. Bradley
Ms. Pamela M. Brogan
Mr. Samuel E. Calabria
Mr. Eric M. Campbell
Mr. Benjamin A. Carpenter
Mr. Timothy G. Carroll
Ms. Kiely L. Chaklos
Mr. Steven Christ
Ms. Kayla L. Confer
Mr. Matthew J. Czuj
Mr. Jared H. Danneker
Ms. Kadie E. Dasher
Ms. Jill M. Daugherty
Ms. Maggie M. Davis
Ms. Jocelyn M. Davis
Mr. Tyler J. Dean
Ms. Connor R. DeStefano
Ms. Samantha C. Devine
Ms. Brittany Dierwechter
Mr. Kevin J. Donahue
Ms. Amanda J. Douglass
Ms. Felicia D. Dragon
Ms. Jasmine M. Dutton
Mr. Dominick J. DuVernois
Ms. Amanda V. Fink
Mr. Jonathan M. Fogleman
Mr. Brett M. Frazier
Mr. Adam T. Fuehrer
Miss Kim D. H. Gailey
Mr. William J. Gartrell
Mr. Brandon A. Gawel
Ms. Stephanie F. George
Mr. Stephen D. Goodman
Ms. Alexis Guszord
Ms. Amanda N. Harding
Ms. Sarah J. Harleman
Ms. Angela B. Harris
Ms. Kendra C. Hoak
Mr. Benjamin S. Hoerner
Ms. Natalie M. Horrocks
Ms. Jan E. Ikeda
Ms. Kelsey M. Jackson
Ms. Emily B. Johansen
Ms. Rachael E. Jones
Mr. Jacob A. Kasprenski
Ms. Rachel Jo Kelly
Ms. Andrea J. Kelso
Ms. Jennifer M. Kindt
Ms. Kathleen E. King
Mr. Andrew R. Kittleson
Ms. Edna J. Kline
Ms. Nicole L. Kracum
Mr. Anthony J. La Flame
Ms. Heather L. LaSalle
Mr. Tyler D. Laudeman
Ms. Erica L. Laufer
Mr. Joshua Link
Mr. Brody J. Lipsett
Ms. Andrea L. Lisowski
Mr. Shen Lu
Ms. Haivy N. Luu
Ms. Kari A. Mahool
Ms. Stephanie A. Maiorano
Mr. Matthew S. Maple
Ms. Alyssa M. Marino
Mr. Matthew J. McMonagle
Ms. Robyn N. Moore
Mr. Michael R. Moore
Michael Mullen
Mr. Matthew C. Myers
Ms. Jessica S. Oliveri
Ms. Jacqueline C. Paton
Ms. Emily D. Peters
Ms. Stephanie A. Price
Mr. Patrick Reagan
Ms. Melany Reyes-Rodriguez
Ms. Rebecca A. Russo
Mr. Ryan A. Salem
Mr. Christopher J. Sayous
Ms. Melissa E. Schielzo
Mr. Nicholas J. Seaton
Ms. Carolyn M. Shervin
Ms. Brittney M. Shue
Ms. Kiley L. Simonof
Mr. Michael B. Smith
Ms. Ashley M. Smith
Ms. Mariah Smolka
Mr. Adam P. Soltys
Mr. Joshua S. Stehman
Ms. Amanda J. Strohl
Mr. Ryan D. Swigart
Mr. Mark Swokel
Ms. Logan E. Thomson
Mr. Jacob J. Topping
Ms. Katie B. Ulrich
Mr. Patrick S. Vares
Mr. Andrew M. Walker
Ms. Lindsey A. Wanner
Mr. Richard L. Webber, III
Mr. Jacob S. Weitzman
Mr. Brooks W. Whiting
Mr. Zachary T. Wierman
Mr. Daniel W. Willey, Jr.
Mr. Clayton E. Williard
Mr. Andrew D. Woolley
Mr. Samuel P. Yoder
Ms. Jessica L. Zaleski

Mr. Jhovann A. Zimmerman


*as of April 27, 2015