Endowment Gift Opportunities

Financial support of the College's endowment builds a lasting legacy for current and future students at The Valley. Endowed gifts have a significant impact on LVC's programs and resources—they fund scholarships; enhance teaching through faculty chairs, professorships, and lectureships; create collaborative student-faculty research opportunities; support study abroad programs; and provide essential equipment.

Endowment opportunities support some of the College's most pressing needs in perpetuity. These types of gifts are exemplary, and for the donor, often very personal in nature. If you would like to discuss your legacy at Lebanon Valley College, please contact Danielle Vigilante Webb, Director of Annual Giving, at 717-867-6224 or vigilant@lvc.edu.

Endowed Scholarships

Nearly $25 million (roughly half) of Lebanon Valley College's endowment has been designated by committed alumni and friends to support scholarships. To ensure that LVC's endowment will continue in perpetuity, the College awards a fixed portion of that figure to students each year. Scholarship endowments yielded $1.1 million in spendable scholarship support in the 2014–2015 academic year.

In total, the College discounts students' tuition by a total of $26 million each year through merit awards and need-based financial aid. 

When alumni and friends partner in this effort and endow a new scholarship, they help to put an education within reach for students who need help most.

Funding a Named Endowed Scholarship

A named endowed scholarship is an excellent way to celebrate an individual's or family's lifelong commitment to LVC and to do so in perpetuity. Such scholarships are established through a total commitment of $25,000 or more, generally paid over a period of one to five years. Donors have the opportunity to name the scholarship using their own name(s), or to name them in honor/memory of loved ones or revered faculty. When the principal of an endowed scholarship reaches $50,000, the donor(s) may also set the criteria for the student recipient such as major, class year, financial need, and so on. Families can continue to add to their scholarship through ongoing outright gifts, wills or bequests, charitable gift annuities, or a number of other means. 

Awarding the Scholarship and Witnessing its Impact

Once the principal for a scholarship endowment reaches $25,000, the College will annually award to a student 4.75% of the fund's three year average market value. Donors and the student recipients are invited to meet one another at an annual campus event. To view photos from the 2014-2015 Scholarship Luncheon, click here. Donors and student recipients also are encouraged to be in contact beyond the event so that donors might continue to mentor and inspire their students.

Concurrent Importance of Current-Use Giving

Some donors choose to concurrently give annual "bridge funding" of $2,500 or more in current-use dollars so that the awarding of a named scholarship can begin far sooner. These annual scholarships are an opportunity to have an immediate impact on a deserving student, while building your endowed scholarship principal to $25,000.