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Our Leadership Donors

Open to all alumni, parents, and friends of the College on an annual basis, members of The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society provide financial aid to deserving students, keep academic resources current, and ensure that every student receives the best education that Lebanon Valley College has to offer through gifts to the College totaling $1000 or more.


Benefits of Membership

Vickroy Society members receive recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors (published in the annual President's Report), a lapel pin displaying the laurel wreath, and invitations to special College events throughout the year. Members of The 1866 Circle and above are invited to an annual society dinner honoring LVC’s most generous supporters. Lifetime Vickroy Associates also receive a personalized lithograph print and sign the Society's historic register.

LVC is grateful for the contributions made by Vickroy members each year. The support of this prestigious group sustains the mission of the College by preparing young people for a life of service and achievement in their communities. Your gift will be used wisely and well and will have a direct impact on the students and faculty of LVC.


Membership Levels

Membership Level  
Vickroy Society Associate Gifts Gifts of $1,000-$1,865
The 1866 Circle Gifts of $1,866-$2,499
President's Circle Gifts of $2,500-$4,999
Five Founder's Circle Gifts of $5,000-$9,999
Trustee Associate Gifts of $10,000 and above
Lifetime Vickroy Associates Cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 or more

Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD)

GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) alumni are invited to join our Vickroy GOLD Society with a gift of $100 for each year since graduation. For example, the Class of 2012 can join with a gift of $500 in 2016-17 since it has been five years since their graduation.


The Laurel Wreath

The laurel wreath is the symbol for The Vickroy Society. An important element of the College seal, it represents honor and excellence, and thereby, the exceptional generosity Vickroy Society members have shown to Lebanon Valley College.