Lebanon HS Students and LVEP mentors at Lebanon Valley College

A Success Story

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Lebanon Valley Educational Partnership (LVEP) had 54 students from Lebanon School District and Lebanon Valley College as active participants in the LVEP mentoring program. Lebanon High School seniors involved with LVEP had a 100 percent graduation rate. After graduating in 2019, 52 percent of all Lebanon High School students are expected to pursue post-secondary education, while 100 percent of graduates involved with LVEP will pursue post-secondary education.

If you would like to support this life-altering program, please contact Evelyn Colón at 717-867-6325, for sponsorship information, contact Doug Yingst at 717-867-6228.

Lebanon Valley Education Partnership


LVEP students are currently pursuing degrees at Lebanon Valley College.


LVEP students have graduated from Lebanon Valley College since 2000.

Success Stories

Miguel Rosario ’23, M’24

Miguel Rosario ’23, M’24 was a student at Lebanon Middle School when he was selected to participate in the Lebanon Valley Educational Partnership (LVEP), a program between LVC and the Lebanon School District.

Kyle Sylvester ’09

As a young seventh-grader at Lebanon Middle School, Kyle Sylvester ’09 learned about the Lebanon Valley Educational Partnership (LVEP) and the idea that he could benefit from mentorship and receive a scholarship toward an LVC education.

Laura Roberts ’07

Laura Roberts ’07, the owner and founder of The Pink Phoenix, a sewing and alteration company, has always been drawn to visual expression and the arts.