Athens, Greece
This English-speaking program offers students a chance to fulfill certain general education requirements at the Athens Centre, in addition to completing the 6 credit Foreign Language requirement at LVC.  All of the courses are designed to take advantage of Athens' rich historical and cultural resources. Excursions are also an integral part of the program, including visits to museums and other local points of interest.

Beijing, China
This fall semester program offers students the opportunity to take an introductory Mandarin language course, combined with relevant contextual courses and a valuable internship.

Belfast, Northern Ireland
This spring semester program offers Music Recording Technology majors the opportunity to fulfill major and general education requirements at Queen's University, located in a safe area of Northern Ireland's capital city. Belfast is rich in Irish and British cultural heritage, which provides our students with a unique educational experience.

Berlin, Germany
This fall semester program is offered to students in any major who have completed at least one year of college-level German language. Students attend the Freie Universität, one of Germany's premier institutions of higher education, taking 8 credits of German language classes and elective classes instructed in English.  A home stay living arrangement will assist in improving your German language proficiency.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Learn and experience the Spanish language while surrounded by other foreign students in the heart of this city. You will fulfill LVC's foreign language requirement and take Latin American culture classes taught in English.

Cambridge, England
An exchange program between Lebanon Valley College and Anglia Ruskin University allows music majors to spend a semester in Cambridge. LVC students may take courses at any level in music, while also enrolling in courses to fulfill minor and general education requirements.

Hamilton, New Zealand
This program is located at the University of Waikato and is open to students in any major or concentration. You'll take four classes at the university, but all of New Zealand will be your classroom as you explore the diverse sights and wonders of this beautiful island nation.

London, England
Learn about the history, politics, and culture of London and England at its source - living in a flat right in the heart of London. Students choose course offerings from the London Metropolitan University to complete major/minor, general education and elective requirements at LVC.

Maastricht, the Netherlands
This 3-week summer program will offer students in any major the opportunity to complete 6-credits of coursework focused on the economic and socio-cultural aspects of Europe and the European Union. An LVC instructor will lead the program.

Melbourne, Australia
A fall semester program which offers students the opportunity to take courses equivalent to LVC major, minor and general education requirements. Courses are taken at Monash University, located 30 minutes outside of Melbourne's city center.

Montpellier, France
This program, for students with varying abilities in French, is taught at the University of Montpellier in France. All courses are taught in French at your current level of preparation. Your home stay arrangement will be another key to successful living in Montpellier.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This fall or spring semester program allows you to take courses at the Philadelphia Center while actively participating in an academic internship in the workplace. This collaborative plan promotes intellectual and professional development while providing an avenue for career exploration.

Perugia, Italy
This fall or spring semester program offers all majors an education at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. At Umbra, students study throughout Italy sampling the many treasures of the great cities. It is difficult to think of a more suitable backdrop for study abroad in Italy. The academic program is taught in the American university tradition and is composed of two parts - a compulsory Italian language component which fulfills the 6 credit Foreign Language requirement at LVC and an elective component composed of courses taught at the Institute.

Valladolid, Spain
This program, for Spanish majors and non-majors, is centered in the northern regional capital city of Valladolid. Students will take Spanish-instructed classes at the Universitas Castellae in Spanish literature, history, culture and business, and live in Spanish-speaking homes.

Washington, D.C.
This fall or spring program is the oldest and the largest experiential learning program in the country. Take advantage of the largest database of internship opportunities in the world, undertake a tremendous personal growth experience, and live and learn in one of the most dynamic cities in the U.S.

Würzburg, Germany
This 4-week summer program is offered to students in any major who have completed at least two years of college-level German language. Students will complete 4 credits of an advanced German course. Dr. Rick Chamberlin, Assistant Professor of German, will lead the program.

This three week mini-term during the month of May allows education majors the chance to learn about elementary and middle school education in Sweden through classroom observations and participation with the school children.