Program in Brief
This three week mini-term, during the month of May, allows education majors only the chance to learn about elementary and middle school education in Sweden through classroom observations and participation with the school children. Students will have the opportunity to lead activities with Swedish children and teach them about Pennsylvania. LVC students will also attend in-country lectures on Sweden's education, history, language, and culture.

There is a mandatory set of pre-departure orientations at LVC for all students planning to participate in the program.

Students will stay in either beautiful Edsbyn or Alfta, two small towns located about three hours north of Stockholm. In-country logistics, organized by the principals of the schools in Edsbyn and Alfta, will facilitate experiencing the people of Sweden and their culture.

Housing and Meals
LVC students will live with host families in Sweden. Most meals will be provided by the host families. Generally, the host families are teachers or administrators at the schools in Edsbyn and Alfta.

LVC students will earn three hours of field practicum credit (SED 280 equivalent) for participation in this program.

Cost for May 2009
Approximate program cost of $3,700 will cover airfare, tuition, in-country transportation, most meals, housing, guest lectures, and health insurance. Independent travel and personal expenses are NOT included in the program cost. Fees subject to change.


  • Application timetable: Applications should be received by February 1.
  • $200 program deposit is due with acceptance.
  • Packet of forms is due by March 15.
  • Maymester 2009 in Sweden (approximately three credits): Tentative dates May 9 - May 30. 

Language of Instruction
LVC students are not required to have any Swedish language background. Classroom instruction during observation will be in Swedish, but students and teachers are able to speak English. Host families will also be able to communicate in English.

Eligibility Requirements
Education students who are in good academic (2.5 GPA) and social standing may apply.

Group Excursions
Students will have the opportunity to explore rural Sweden on the weekends. We encourage students to spend the final weekend exploring Stockholm, and many students travel to other Scandinavian countries and continental Europe after completion of the program.