Athens, Greece

Program in Brief
This fall or spring semester program offers all majors an education at the Athens Centre, which is located in the same part of Athens where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896. This program is especially designed for students interested in learning about the origin of European culture, which strongly influences our American society today. The Athens Program offers an opportunity to explore those origins with the support and guidance of a strong academic focus.

There is a mandatory pre-departure orientation at LVC for all students planning to participate in the program. Students also attend an on-site orientation on arrival in Athens.

Housing and Meals
Students are housed in furnished, shared apartments located close to the Athens Centre. Students are responsible for providing their own meals, which can be prepared in their apartments. Linens are included.

Studying culture, history, archaeology, art history, and classical studies on-site in Athens allows students to experience Greece beyond they pages of their textbooks. Students enroll in a six-credit Greek language course which fulfills LVC's foreign language requirement. (Students may opt to take the four credit Greek language course if they have already fulfilled their foreign language requirement.) Additionally, students take up to three elective courses taught in English:

Fall 2014 courses, taught in English (3 credits each):
  • Modern Greek Language (mandatory) (FL; 6 credits)
  • Monuments of Greece (mandatory) (transfers as L1)
  • Modern Greek History and the Balkans (transfers as L1)
  • Heritage in Greece (transfers as L5)
  • Classic Greek Dramas (transfers as L5)     

Spring 2015 courses, taught in English (3 credits each):
  • Modern Greek Language (mandatory) (FL; 6 credits)
  • Monuments of Greece (mandatory) (transfers as L1)
  • Creating Impressions of Greece (transfers as elective)  
  • The Acropolis of Athens (transfers as DSP for junior and senior students)   
  • The Human Figure and the Art of Archaic Greece  (transfers as L5)


  • LVC tuition and fees
  • LVC room changes

Travel, board, and personal expenses are NOT included in these fees. Fees subject to change.

Fall or spring semester

  • Application timetable: Applications should be received by March 15 for Fall; October 15 for Spring.
  • $25 deposit is due with application.*
  • Accepted students owe $475 program deposit.*
  • Packet of forms is due by April 15 for Fall; November 15 for Spring. 
  • Fall semester in Athens (approx. 15 credits): mid-September to mid-December.
  • Spring semester in Athens (approx. 15 credits): late March to late June.

*The $500 program deposit will be credited to the student's account in the Business Office for the start of the off-campus semester. The $500 deposit will be forfeited on student withdrawal from the program.

Language of Instruction

Eligibility Requirements
Students from any major who are in good standing (2.5 GPA) may apply.

Group Excursions
The group visits museums and other local points of interest which supplement the classroom lectures. In addition to local field trips, the program includes excursions to Delphi, Crete, and the Peloponnese, which focus on the present culture and ancient monuments of Greece.

Semester Break
During the week of fall or spring break, students will be able to explore more of Greece, including the magnificent islands. Many of the past participants have ventured to many other countries as well.