Student Government

Student Government is comprised of 36 full-time students. 27 upper-class students are elected from the student body each spring for a one-year term beginning in September. This includes 4 class officers, 4 class representatives and a commuter representative from each returning class.  In addition, nine first-year students are elected in September. Student Government officers are elected each spring from among the 27 upperclass students. Students on disciplinary or academic probation are ineligible for election.

One of the Government's major responsibilities is to foster understanding, communication, and cooperation among students, faculty, and administrators. It serves as the channel for all students recommendations for establishing or changing policy and communicates these recommendations to the appropriate administrative offices or faculty committees. Student Government also approves the constitutions of all campus organizations, regulates the elections of student government members and class officers and appoints student government members and other students to campus committees.

Each spring the budget finance committee conducts hearings for the allocation of funds from the student activities fee to approved clubs and organizations. The committee makes its allocation recommendations to Student Government for approval. All clubs and organizations receiving funds must submit a financial statement to Student Government each semester.

With the Director of Student Activities and the College Center, Student Government coordinates and provides financing for student activities. They also plan major campus-wide events including Homecoming, Winter Formal and Dutchmen Day.