Self-designed Major

The option of a self-designed major is available to students who are interested in pursuing a topic or concentration of courses that is not substantially addressed by any one department or major. The LVC faculty represents a diverse set of scholarly interests and professional perspectives that provide a considerable resource for students interested in devising an interdisciplinary academic program. In keeping with the ideals of the liberal arts, the College and its faculty are willing to work with students to develop a program that satisfies student's interests and fulfills the College's major requirements.

Students interested in pursuing a self-designed major design a course of study that is relevant to the topic and endorsed by at least two faculty advisors. Self-designed majors will work closely with these advisors as they advance through the major. A detailed process for declaring a self-designed major is outlined in the catalog.

Self-designed majors earn either the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science, depending on the nature of the subject matter.

  • Recent examples of self-designed majors include fashion buying and marketing, mathematics of finance, art and aging, and applied psych-social theory.
  • In an average year, approximately eight students pursue a self-designed major.
  • With desirable, cross-disciplinary skills in several areas, students who graduate with a self-designed major often enjoy a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Self-designed majors focus on the fields they find most interesting and craft a highly personalized, interdisciplinary program of study. 

More examples of past individualized majors:

Accounting Practices Applied to Private Music Studios
Applied Computer Science
Applied Mathematics
Applied Psychosocial Theory
Art and Aging
Behvaioral Aspects of Business Management
Biotechnology Business
Business and Marketing
Chemistry and Artifact Conservation
Chemistry Business
Classical Studies
Early Childhood Education in the Community
Environmental Economics and Policy
Family Studies
Fashion Buying and Marketing
Financial Mathematics
Financial Mathematics
Finite Mathematics
Forensic Sociology
Human Resource Management in the Social Sciences
Individualized Finance
Industrial Chemistry
Interior and Environmental Design
International Business
International Relations
Interpersonal Communications
Laboratory Management
Marketing Communications
Marketing for Not-For-Profit Children's Progress
Mathematical Business Analysis
Mathematics of Finance
Media Studies
Nutritional Psychology
Psychology and Creative Therapy
Recording Science and the Arts
Sales and Marketing
Science Information Technology
Social Health Science
Social Media Communication