Marquette Hall

  • Marquette Hall houses 56 students.
  • Each suite houses four students and is single-sex.
  • Students living in these halls are usually rising senior and rising junior students.
  • A kitchen is located on each floor. (Room Dimensions)
  • Groups of 4 are permitted to sign up for Marquette Hall.
  • All students who secure a room in the suites will pay the Level I room rate.
  • ALL suites are clean air. There can be no burning of any substance (candles, incense, tobacco, etc.) in these facilities.
  • ALL Utilities Included.
  • Semi-Furnished: Air-conditioned, high-speed internet, phone lines with voicemail, bunkable beds, dressers, desk and chair, sofa and chair.
  • Meal Plan: Student selects meal plan option (minimum 10 meal plan)
  • Cleaning: Bi-weekly Bathrooms.
  • Parking: North (Red) Parking Lot.
  • There are a total of fourteen (14) four-person suites.
  • ALL suites house four (4) students (two (2) single rooms, one (1) double room, a living room, and bathroom).
  • Students may only sign up as a group of four in the suites.

Floor Plans
Please click on any floor to bring up a floor plan.

Marquette - 1st Floor
Marquette - 2nd Floor
Marquette - 3rd Floor


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