Maple East & West

Maple East and West photo

Maple East is located at 219 E. Maple St. and Maple West is located at 217 E. Maple St. and each house five students.

Maple East & West Room Dimensions: Maple East and West
Maple East & West Floor Plans: Maple East | Maple West

  • Groups of five students are the only acceptable means through which to sign up for Maple East and West.
  • Each house is single sex. 
  • All students who secure one of these facilities will pay a Level 2 room rate.  
  • Note: Students who live in the single bedrooms will pay a Level 1 room rate.
  • Each facility is clean air. There can be no burning of any substance (candles, incense, tobacco, etc.) in these facilities.
  • ALL utilities included; both facilities are non-air-conditioned. Students MAY NOT bring or install their own window or non-window units.
  • Semi-furnished: High-speed Internet, phone lines w/ voicemail, bunkable beds, dressers, desk and chair, sofa and chair, kitchen table and chairs, coin-operated washer/dryer, stove and refrigerator.
  • Meal plan: Student selects meal plan option (minimum: 10 meals per week plan).
  • Cleaning: Weekly kitchen and bathroom.
  • Parking: North (Red) Parking Lot.
  • Bedroom Breakdown:

Maple East:  (2) 2-person rooms, (1) 1-person room

Maple West: (2) 2-person rooms, (1) 1-person room

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