Residential Life

Our campus is a small world in the middle of a big one. Chances are you'll live within a five-minute walk of any your classes or friends. We like to think we have everything students need for a comfortable life, including a variety of attractive living options-- from traditional residence halls to apartment- or suite-style housing to special interest houses. And students never have to worry about finding a place to live, as housing is required and guaranteed for all four years. 

Our residential life staff makes sure that each student has a safe, welcoming place to live, as well as access to the resources he or she needs to succeed in school and have a good time. Dorm life at LVC is depicted in this YouTube video.

Many Options
LVC offers a range of housing options. For the first two years, students live in traditional residence halls, allowing them to learn about themselves, meet a lot of people, and make friends. Most upperclassmen live in more independent environments, including small houses, rooms clustered as suites, or apartment-style housing.

Special Interest Housing
Options include the academic house (for students with a 3.0 GPA or above), a house focused on diversity and social justice, the Women's Services and Gender Resource Center, and a substance-free house. Each year, students determine the themes for two other special interest houses - such as supporting the St. Jude Medical Foundation.

Resident Assistants
LVC selects 48 resident assistants (RAs) from the student body who live in the residence halls and serve as mentors and role models. RAs do a mixture of social and educational programming, helping first-year students make the transition from high school to college and making sure students of all ages have access to the College's many social and academic resources.