Apartments & Suites Sign Up Process

Before signing up please download the Housing Contract.
  • Houses, apartments and suites will be assigned based on
         Credit Hours Completed by January 19, 2010
         Lottery Process

  • Individuals and/or Groups will be permitted to sign up for the following facilities:
        38 College Avenue (singles)
        Stanson Hall (singles)
  • Groups are only acceptable means through which to sign up for the following facilities:
        Derickson A & B    
        Maple East
        Maple West
        44, 136, and 138 College Avenue
        144 College Avenue (Weimer)
        20, 22, and 24 W. Sheridan Avenue

  • You must have the appropriate number of occupants to secure a given house, apartment, suite or room within a house, apartment, and/or suite. For example, four students MUST sign up for a four-person apartment or suite. Three students CANNOT obtain a four-person apartment or suite. Failure to maintain the appropriate number of occupants in group sign-up MAY result in the remaining occupants being assigned to a traditional residence hall room.
  • ALL interested students SHOULD attend an information session.
  • ALL students MUST pay a $100.00 non-refundable room deposit to the Business Office in order to be in the lottery. You WILL NOT be billed automatically for a room deposit.  You or your parents MUST pay the room deposit separate from any other bill you may currently have.  Your account in the Business Office must be paid in full in order to pay your $100.00 room deposit.  Please check with the Business Office prior to the deadline if you have any questions.
  • ALL students who secure a house, apartment or suite WILL pay a Level I or II room rate. Rates are posted on-line on the Living Options page.
  • Regardless of location, persons interested in residing within a single room will pay a single room rate (Level 1). This rate applies to any single room within the traditional halls, houses, suites, and/or apartments.
  • ALL students MUST agree to live in the house/apartment/suite for an ENTIRE year or otherwise have a PRE-APPROVED replacement.
  • ALL interested students MUST be willing to adhere to ALL House/Apartment/Suite Guidelines.