2013-2014 Symposium on Race & Religion

The Symposium on Race & Religion provided undergraduates unique learning experiences, where students focused on Dr. J. Kameron Carter's work in a year-long program integrating several types of learning experiences. Students enrolled in a seminar course on Carter's work, had personal encounters with Carter, attended a public lecture by Carter, and presented their own research to the community and to Carter in reflection of his work.

Dr. J. Kameron Carter teaches theology and black church studies at the Divinity School at Duke University. He investigates the complex forms of identity (especially around race, gender, and nationalism) that have come to mark us all. He is particularly interested in the implication of Christian theological thought forms and the specific deployments of Christianity’s social imagination in these identity and social formations, the formations we inhabit.

Students were also able to attend events of other guests to the college such as George Yancy, philosopher of race and professor at Duquesne University.

The symposium offered a unique opportunity for students to interact with living philosophers.