Documents & Forms

Many of the Registrar’s Office forms are available in PDF format.

General Forms
Transcript Request Form – See the transcript request page for more information.

Request for Verification of Enrollment/Academic Status Form – Used to verify enrollment status, teacher certification candidacy status (“placeholder letter”), and other academic information.

Change of Information/Authorization to Release Form – Can be completed online through MyLVC. Used to update addresses, phone numbers, biographical information, and to authorize the release of information to parents and other individuals.

Major CardAvailable in the Registrar’s Office. Used to officially declare or change majors, minors, and specializations.

Self-Designed Major Application – Used to propose a self-designed major (available in PDF or Word format). This form must be submitted in conjunction with the Major Card.

Change in Requirements Form - Used to adopt newly introduced major, minor, and general education requirements.

Teacher Certification Forms – See the teacher certification page for more information.

Registration Forms
Registration Form
Available in the Registrar’s Office. This form is used to register for classes.

Change of Registration FormAvailable in the Registrar’s Office. This form is used to add and drop classes and to change credits (for variable credit courses) and change to or from pass/fail or audit status.

Course Repeat Request Form – Used to request to repeat a course under special circumstances (e.g., Special Topics courses where the topic is the same and courses that have changed credits).

Internship Agreement Form – Must be completed when registering for an internship, in conjunction with a Change of Registration Form. This form may be submitted after the time of registration, but no later than the beginning of the semester in question.

Individualized Course Approval Form - This form is required to register for either a tutorial student, independent study, advanced research, or advanced creative study course. See the form for an explanation of the differences between these options.

Transfer and Non-Traditional Credit Forms and Documents
Off-Campus Course Approval Form
Available in the Registrar’s Office. This form is required prior to taking a course at another institution. See our transfer credit policy for more information.

HACC-LVC Course Equivalency Sheet

Challenge Exam Form - Required when challenging a course under the College's challenge exam policy.

Experiential Learning Application - Required when challenging a course under the College's experiential learning policy.

See our non-traditional credit policy for additional details on credit by examination, including Advanced Placement and CLEP.

Graduation Plan/Application for Degree Documents and Forms
Graduation Plans/Applications for Degree are required for all students before they can be awarded a degree/certificate. Forms are due by the end of March in the year preceding the anticipated graduation date.

Graduation Plan/Application for Degree

Please see our pages on graduation evaluation and degree audit for more information.  The following documents are also helpful to completing the graduation plan/application for degree form:

Sample Completed Graduation Plan/Application for Degree

Sample Degree Audit Report and Explanation

Other Forms

Petition Template - This form is used to submit a petition for an exception to a College policy or requirement to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The form is available in PDF and Word formats.
Application for Undergraduate Re-enrollment
Request for Incomplete Grade Form
Leave of Absence Form – Available in the Registrar’s Office.
Withdrawal Form – Available in the Registrar’s Office.
Duplicate Diploma Request Form - Used to request an additional or replacement copy of an earned diploma.