Degree Audit

Degree audit is a report that allows students to track their progress toward all graduation requirements, including general education, and all declared majors, minors, or specializations (please see the process for declaring these options). The report includes all completed and in-progress coursework as well as requirements that still need to be completed. Students may view their degree audits in AccessLVC, available by logging into MyLVC.

For more information on graduation requirements, please consult the catalog. Students are expected to review their degree audit reports with their advisor each semester.

Understanding the Degree Audit Report
Please consult the applicable sample degree audit reports below to help you to better understand and interpret the information presented on the report:

Considering a New Major?
Degree audit can also be used to view progress towards a new major.  This option is available as part of the same process described above.  Instead of selecting their current major, students should select a different major next to the option, "What if I changed my program of study?"