Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)


LVC Dept. of Public Safety will be hosting!

Women’s Self Defense

Make your personal safety a priority!

The RAD System is a nationally-renowned comprehensive women's self defense program. It is specifically geared towards women, instructing them in how to use their unique physical power to their advantage. It is designed for women who are willing to consider defense as a viable option.

The 11-hour program not only teaches blocks and strikes, but spends considerable time addressing the risks to personal safety. The whole package helps create the all important defensive mind set.

 RAD is for women of all ages. It is highly recommended for teens and young women in college.  Course is offered at no charge but will be limited to a maximum  of 14 participants.

 Don’t put this off any longer - it’s too important!

  The four week course dates and location of the training are shown below, students can pick either of the following:

Wednesday classes will be held Sept 4, 11, 18 and 25 from 6pm-9pm.

Location: Heilman Room 107

R.A.D. Basic Physical Defense Class

(Limited to a maximum of 14 female participants)

Session 1     

Utilizing the R.A.D. student manual, students will be involved in a discussion of risk reduction strategies, date rape, continuum of survival, defensive strategies and the basic principles of defense. We also discuss the pros and cons of defensive weaponry, how to develop a defensive mindset, understanding offensive and defensive postures, recognizing vulnerable locations and utilizing personal weapons.

Session 2    

 Participating students will begin the process of hands on training. The techniques utilized by R.A.D. Systems are based on simple gross motor skills and are developed to the point that they become instinctual through repetition.

Session 3     

Participating students will continue the process of hands on training. Students will have the opportunity to use these techniques in dynamic impact training by striking padded equipment held by the instructors. All techniques target a single attacker.

Session 4     

Participating students will continue to refine the skills previously learned with "practice, practice and practice." Students will then participate in "simulated assault" scenarios with R.A.D. instructors, who along with participants, wear state-of-the-art protective gear specifically designed for this training. Women have the opportunity to utilize their skills in a safe training environment.

If you are interested in attending the classes or needing more information, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (717)867-6111 or by email at Public-Safety@lvc.edu.  If you want to ask questions to the R.A.D. instructor, contact Officer Brian Boyer at bboyer@lvc.edu.