Program Status and Award Recipients

Recent objective data confirm the notion that the Psychology Department has both a (a) strong presence on campus and (b) rigorous program that compares extremely favorably to ANY Psychology Department in the United States.

In regard to Psychology’s presence on the LVC campus, in comparison to all other majors at LVC, the Psychology Department is ranked 4th (and 1st among all the sciences) in terms of the number of degree recipients between 1998 and 2015. In this light, 8.9% (n=616) of LVC graduates during this time span earned Psychology or Psychobiology/Neuroscience degrees (with only Business, Education and Music ranking higher). 

Beyond the program’s popularity, several pieces of evidence attest to the high quality and academic rigor of our curriculum. First, since 1995, three Psychology majors (George Hollich ’95, Meredith McGinley ’02, and Jessica Barber ’07) have been awarded the Howard Anthony Neidig Award, presented annually to the College’s most outstanding student. Furthermore, results from the Major Field Test taken by 14 senior-level Psychology majors during the Spring 2007 semester show that our students compare very favorably to other psychology undergraduates on a national level. This standardized test, administered under the auspices of the Educational Testing Service, was also taken by 9,967 other psychology students, representing 238 institutions of higher education across the United States. Our students earned an overall score on the exam that placed them in the top 9% of the students who took the exam!

Robert S. Davidon Award for Research in Psychology

Brittany Wilson: Class of 2016
Kayla McKain: Class of 2015
Katie Lachance: Class of 2014
Erin Pruett: Class of 2013
Jennifer Zeller: Class of 2013
Megan L. Santaniello and Tierney L. Snyder: Class of 2012
Christine M. Whiteley, Mary Katherine E. Mitchell, & Kathryn J. Cerullo: Class of 2011
Caitlin J. Douglass & Bethany N. Smith: Class of 2010
Melissa A. Kayes: Class of 2009
James A. Henrie: Class of 2008
Jessica M. Barber and Daniel P. Vernau: Class of 2007
Douglas P. Arnold and Sarah L. Fleegal: Class of 2006
Caitlin S. Flinn and Jarred R. Jenkins: Class of 2005
Laura A. Poff: Class of 2004
Lauren M. Hindley: Class of 2003
Kerri A. Hansell and Eun K. Kim: Class of 2002
Sharon E. Zook: Class of 2001
Heather L. Herb: Class of 2000
Carrie Champ: Class of 1999
Amy B. Parsons: Class of 1998
Carolyn A. Hallman: Class of 1997
Robert Twining: Class of 1996
Kelly L. Reese and Rebecca L. Wiest: Class of 1995
Jennifer L. Emery and Donna M. Smoyer: Class of 1994
Stanley Hulet and Michael Smith: Class of 1993
Kristen Boeshore: Class of 1992
Karl Liedtka: Class of 1991
Kevin B. Dempsey and Robyn M. Cashmore: Class of 1990
Melissa Ellen Haunton: Class of 1989
Michele Marie Durkin: Class of 1988


The Jean O. Love Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology

Sarah Light: Class of 2016
Devon McKain: Class of 2015
Jamie Samper: Class of 2014
Erin Pruett: Class of 2013
Jennifer Zeller: Class of 2013
Rachel E. Leer: Class of 2012
Ann Marie C. Crider: Class of 2011
Kimberly J. Flanagan: Class of 2010
Rasa E. Rupslaukyte: Class of 2009
Krista M. Wisner: Class of 2008
Jessica M. Barber and Elise K. DeVere: Class of 2007
Roseauna G. Good and Cindy McGuire: Class of 2006
Jennifer L. Northcott: Class of 2005
Liza A. McLucas: Class of 2005
Sarah A. O'Connell: Class of 2004
Cristina M. Cook and Eileen J. Emery: Class of 2003
Joanna M. Bissell and Meredith A. McGinley: Class of 2002
Michelle A. Vosburgh: Class of 2001
Kimberly M. Zang: Class of 2000
Karlin Schroeder and Adria Keefer: Class of 1999
Desiree J. Nguyen, Heather M. Krause and Tracie L. Gilpin: Class of 1998
Kristi S. Lorah: Class of 1997
Cecily Joyce: Class of 1996
George J. Hollich: Class of 1995
Bethany A. Yohe: Class of 1994
Lori Folk: Class of 1993
Donna Vanbrackle: Class of 1992
Rachel Grella: Class of 1991
Teresa M. Kruger and Connie L. Pyle: Class of 1990
Deana Marie Crumbling: Class of 1989
Kimberly Ann Burd: Class of 1988
Joseph C. Pennington: Class of 1987
William H. Bruaw: Class of 1987
Anthony J. Fitzgibbons and Tracy L. Wenger: Class of 1986
Michael D. Plank: Class of 1985

David I. Lasky Award for Service

Ashlee Albright & Taylor Steinsnyder: Class of 2016
Emily Johansen: Class of 2015
Karly Siffin: Class of 2014
Darcie Jenkins: Class of 2013
Rachel E. Leer: Class of 2012
Michelle A. Little: Class of 2011
Monica R. Ferenz: Class of 2010
Kathryn M. DeBlock: Class of 2009
Kathryn M. Hewitt: Class of 2008
Rebecca M. Shank: Class of 2007
Roseauna G. Good: Class of 2006
Jennifer L. Northcott: Class of 2005
Maria E. Perozzi: Class of 2004
Christina M. Marco: Class of 2003
Stacy R. Dove: Class of 2002
Kathleen A. Flory: Class of 2001
Pamela J. Arminavage: Class of 2000
Amie Jumper: Class of 1999
Michele L. Ruczhak: Class of 1998
Jennifer J. Mihalsy: Class of 1997
Heather Merz: Class of 1996
Julia Foose: Class of 1995
George Hollich: Class of 1994
Lori Folk: Class of 1993
Kimberly Sollenberger: Class of 1992
Joan Landis: Class of 1991
Holly Carey: Class of 1990

Psychology Department's Leadership Award

Taylor Umbrell: Class of 2016
Angie Harris: Class of 2015
Kate Mackey: Class of 2014
Kristin Overman: Class of 2013
Jennifer Zellner: Class of 2013
Darcy R. Jenkins: Class of 2013
Mary A. Kent: Class of 2011
Whitney E. McCain: Class of 2010
Kyle C. Ward: Class of 2009
Amanda N. Cole: Class of 2008
Nikki M. Wynn: Class of 2007
Katherine D. Davis: Class of 2006
Christina R. Barrera: Class of 2005
Christina M. Marco: Class of 2004
Janelle A. Niznik: Class of 2003
Meredith A. McGinley: Class of 2002
Pamela J. Arminavage: Class of 2001
Elspeth A. Shumway: Class of 2000
Jody Jacobetz: Class of 1999
Danielle L. Boileau: Class of 1998
Lavinia M. Garcia: Class of 1997
Jennifer Stites: Class of 1996
Kristie M. Radetzky: Class of 1995
Jennifer Willet: Class of 1994
Andrea Shaffer and Stacey Hollenshead: Class of 1993
Sheryl Drake: Class of 1992
Rachel Grella: Class of 1991
Robert Mikus: Class of 1990