Ashley Gassert

Ashley Gassert

Lead Nurse for Shroyer Health Center

A.S., Harrisburg Area Community College; RN, Harrisburg Area Community College

After earning her RN, Ashley worked in a hospital as a labor, delivery, and postpartum nurse. Although dedicated to her work, she was looking for a change of pace, a new learning experience, and a more consistent schedule to accommodate her growing family.

A native of Lebanon County, Ashley took a few classes at LVC and loved the campus. Now as Shroyer Health Center’s lead nurse, she is impressed by the close-knit community saying, “Everyone is friendly and willing to help.” But Ashley’s favorite part of the job is working with the students.

Not only does Ashley help students through illness and injury, but she also educates them about self-care and wellness. She has a passion for women’s health, which manifests itself in some of the educational content she works on for the students. With a focus on sexual health education, she started the BEESAFE condom delivery program and hosts condom bingo, a play-and-learn event. She participated in a sleep fair on campus that promoted good sleep to keep immune functions in prime defense mode and gave students free home COVID-19 testing kits. She also coordinates with the Education Department and health professions programs to arrange tuberculosis testing and physicals for students who are student teaching or have clinical rotations.

In Ashley’s free time, she has her hands full with two rambunctious sons. She is their number one soccer fan and feels at home on the sidelines, cheering them on. Although she played soccer as a child, she preferred gymnastics and found her niche when she tried cheerleading. She has performed in the Georgia Peach Bowl halftime show twice! Ashley and her sons also enjoy adventures in nature, especially splashing around in streams and lakes, catching crawfish, or kayaking.