Residential Life FAQs

How are rooms and roommates assigned?

Returning students select their rooms by a lottery system for the next academic year in late March or early April. All returning students must pay a nonrefundable $100 room deposit in March to select a room or be assigned to a room. Room selection procedures are sent to all returning students in late February.

New students receive their room assignments and roommate information by mail in late July. New students are not required to pay the $100 room deposit. When an accepted student pays the $500 enrollment deposit, the new student will receive a housing preference form. New students' housing requests are honored according to enrollment deposit paid date. Requests for roommates and halls are honored when possible. New students are housed in double and triple rooms in both single-sex and coeducational halls.

How do you deal with roommate problems?

The sharing of living space with another person is part of the educational experience of residential living. Both roommates are expected to invest in the relationship. Communication, compromise, and mutual respect are the keys to a successful residential living experience. The Resident Assistants, the Resident Director, the Area Coordinators, the Director of Residential Life and the Dean of Students are available to mediate roommate conflicts. All room changes must be approved by the student services staff.

Students who have roommate problems should discuss their concerns with their roommates as early as possible. If they need assistance in addressing their concerns with their roommate, they should make an appointment with a member of the student services staff.

Students in rooms with vacancies should expect to be assigned a roommate.

How are residence halls supervised?

Area Coordinators and Resident Directors who are non-students and Resident Assistants who are undergraduate students are responsible for creating a residential environment that will enhance the educational opportunities for students. There are Resident Assistants, carefully selected upperclass students who have been trained in a variety of areas, living on each residence hall floor and four Resident Directors living in four different residence halls. Resident Directors have major responsibilities in the administration and operation of residence halls and in the supervision of the Resident Assistants.

How can I contact my son or daughter in his or her room?

The College's telecommunications system provides each residence hall room with lines for telephone, cable television, and high speed data transmission. Each residence hall room has its own telephone number and voice mailbox. Students may make on campus, local and credit card calls from their rooms as well as receive incoming calls from both on and off campus. Long distance service is available at the student's expense.

Are student rooms cleaned by the college?

Housekeeping personnel clean residence hall lounges, bathrooms, hallways, and all public areas. Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and taking their trash to the containers in their hall basement or the residence hall dumpster. Vacuums are available in each residence hall.

Are there laundry facilities?

Each residence hall and most small halls have laundry facilities. There is also a dry cleaner within walking distance of the College.

Are there storage areas in the residence halls?

There are no storage areas in the residence halls. Students may only store items in their rooms and must remove all of their personal items at the end of each academic year. Students may rent storage space from a local storage vendor.

What if personal items are damaged or stolen?

Students are responsible for the care and safety of personal property. The College is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal property. Insurance coverage by each student against loss or damage of personal property is recommended. Students should record all serial and model numbers of valuable equipment. When students leave their room, they should lock the door.