Julie Wiker '18

Major: English & German 

After LVC: Pursuing a master's degree in library science at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Valley Experience: Julie completed the Würzburg summer study abroad program and an internship at the Lebanon County Historical Society.




Neal Rose '18

Major: Global Studies, Spanish, and Criminal Justice

After LVC: Neal will attend the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University for their M.A. in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies. 

Valley Experience: Along with discovering his passion for Latin America while at LVC, Neal studied abroad in Spain, served as president of Freedom Rings, established Stonewall House (LGBTQIAA+ housing), and served as a Mosiac Mentor for ALANA and LGBTQIAA+ students.




Zeke Wertz '18 

Major: Physics

After LVC: Pursuing a Ph.D. in physics at the College of William & Mary

Zeke Says: "Through my research with the Mathematical Physics Research Group, I learned numerous important tasks and processes when conducting and communicating research, which will be quite useful in graduate school."




Sarah DiMaggio '17 

Major: Philosophy 

After LVC: Pursuing a doctorate in philosophy at Vanderbilt University 

Sarah Says: "When I found out that I had received a full fellowship from Vanderbilt, it was an easy decision because the department's strengths aligned well with my interests and the program has a great reputation." 




Kayla Miller '17 

Major: Biology

After LVC: Pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine at the University of Wisconsin

Kayla Says: "I had the opportunity to watch an open-heart surgery on a lamb testing an infant left ventricular assisting device, as well as go on rounds with the veterinarians throughout the hospital checking on all the animals." 



Lexie Lantz '17 

Major: Neuroscience 

After LVC: Pursuing a master's degree in physician assistant studies at Penn State College of Medicine

Lexie Says: "Applying to the program was very intense. I had four half-hour interviews with actual physician assistants and even with a patient of the program director. It was really neat to have a patient to talk to and interview with."




Sonam Tshering Sherpa '16 

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

After LVC: Pursuing doctorate at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sonam Says: "The biggest skill I use as a medical student that I learned by studying at LVC is how to maintain my mental health. One of biggest discussions in medicine right now is concerning physician burnout and physician mental health. There were so many resources available for LVC students to use to help them cope with adjusting to the new workload and stress that they would be put under, and by using the strategies those resources taught me I made it through the first year while maintaining my mental health."