The Breen Center for Graduate Success utilizes Handshake as our career management platform. Both regional and national employers are connecting with LVC to post job and internship opportunities. It's where you can find Breen Center resources, apply for jobs, and register for career events sponsored by the office. Handshake is designed to be user-friendly, modern, and provides personalized career information. 


Handshake Tutorial Videos:


How do I access Handshake?

You can access Handshake by visiting MyLVC and clicking on the Handshake logo in the center of the page. You can also access Handshake by clicking HERE

You would sign in using your single sign-on provided by the Office of Information Technology. 

What can I do with a Handshake account?

With a Handshake account you will be able to: 

  • Access and apply for internship and job postings
  • Review and register for events and fairs
  • Track your applications, registration, and professional experiences
  • View a tailored news feed of events, resources, and postings
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews

How do I schedule an appointment in Handshake?

    • Log into Handshake: 
    • Click on Career Center in the top right-hand corner
    • Choose Appointments from the drop-down menu
    • Click Schedule A New Appointment
    • Choose your Category
    • Choose an Appointment Type 
    • Using the arrows, toggle through the days of the week to display the available staff members & days/times
    • Once you have identified a day and time that works for your schedule, click on that block to open the appointment 
    • Choose your appointment medium (note: in-person appointments are not available every day with every staff member)
    • Type your message to the staff in the “what can we help you with?” text box
    • Complete the three "pre-appointment survey" questions
    • Click the green Request button
    • Once we review your appointment request, you will be able to view the status:
      • Click on Career Center
      • Choose Appointments from the drop-down menu
      • You will see a list of upcoming appointments and whether they have been approveddeclined, or are still pending
      • You will also see a list of all past appointments


Please contact us at or 717-867-6560 if you need an appointment time outside of the listed availability.


How do I complete a profile?

Start by completing all of the sections of your profile with your current and past work and activity history. You can also upload your current resume and the system will use that content to build the work experience, extra-curricular activities, and skills sections of your profile. If you utilize the resume upload option, be sure to check that the information is correct before you finalize your profile completion. 

  • You can add a profile picture to your profile. Be sure to use a Professional looking headshot. 
  • You do not have to upload a profile photo. If you do not upload a photo, the profile photo box will not show up on the employer's view, so that the lack of a photo doesn't make your profile look empty.
  • Students who choose to upload a photo can explicitly hide the photo from employers, so that the photo is only available to you and career development staff. If you choose to hide your photo from employers, the entire profile photo box will not show up on the employer's view, so that the lack of a photo doesn't make your profile look empty.

Remember: the more you include in your profile and career interests, the better Handshake can populate your dashboard with opportunities that match your goals. Keep your profile relevant and keep it updated! 


How do I upload my resume?

  1. Click on your Name in the top navigation bar
  2. Click Documents.  
  3. Click Add New Document on the left. 
  4. Add a Document Name and select the Document Type
  5. Select the document from your computer and click Add Document

You can also click on My Profile and click Upload Resume to use the profile creation from resume feature. 

How do I search the job and internship postings?

  1. Click on Jobs on the top navigation bar. You can filter the search based on your preferences.
  2. Enter a location and use the slider bar under location to expand or decrease geographic areas of interest. 
  3. Favorited or Saved Searches allow you to create searches based on your interests and revisit them quickly. Create or review your saved searches at the top of the Jobs or Internships posting page. 
  4. In each job/internship posting, you can apply, favorite the job/company, and take notes on the position (visible only to you). Recruiter contact information is sometimes provided; use this to follow up!
  5. If you cannot find as much information about an employer as you wish because they are not yet connected to LVC, speak with a staff member in the Breen Center, search for their company website, or connect with them on LinkedIn for additional information. 


How do I apply for jobs/internships?

  1. Navigate to the Job Search screen under the Jobs tab. 
  2. Click on the job title to access the full details of the posting.
  3. on the right side, click on the Apply button.  
  4. Select the document(s) necessary to complete the job application (resume, cover letter, etc.) 
  5. Click Apply again to submit your application and documents.

If an employer chooses you for an interview, they will contact you, either directly or through Handshake, to inform you of the next steps in the process.

Occasionally, an employer will prefer that you visit their website directly to apply for a job/internship rather than through Handshake. Please read the details of the job closely to ensure that you are following the proper steps to complete your job application. 

How do I find and register for events and fairs?

To view and register for events: 

  1. Click on Events on the top navigation bar. 
  2. Upcoming events hosted by The Breen Center for Graduate Success will be listed.
  3. Click on the event title to learn more about it and register
  4. Even if registering for an event isn’t necessary, it’s smart to Follow an event you plan to attend so that you receive updates on your dashboard. 

To view and register for fairs: 

  1. Click on Fair Search on the top blue navigation bar to find upcoming career fairs. You can register for the event (if necessary) and view what employers are currently registered. 

How do I apply for an on-campus interview?

  1. Click on Jobs in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on On-Campus Interviews on the top blue navigation bar.
  3. A list of available on-campus interviews will appear. 
  4. Click on the Employer's Name to learn more about the interview and associated job/internship. 
  5. Most OCIs are linked to a job or internship posting, and will require that you apply for the position to be considered for an interview. 

How do I connect with a mentor?

Alumni and friends of the college are provided with an opportunity to serve as a career connections mentor for current LVC students. A mentor can provide you with career advice, job shadowing, internships, resume reviews, mock interviews, and much more!

To view the list of available mentors in Handshake:

  1. Click on Career Center in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on Mentoring in the drop-down list. 
  3. Click Find Mentors in the top blue navigation bar.
  4. Customize your search options to filter the mentors that are best fit for you. 
  5. Click on a mentor's Name to view their profile. 
  6. Click the blue Request Mentorship button. 
  7. Type your Request Message, and click the green Create Mentorship button when finished. 
  8. An email will be sent to the mentor to notify them that you have requested to connect with them. 

What if I need help?

If you are experiencing problems logging into your Handshake account, applying for a job, registering for an event, or updating your profile, please contact us at 717-867-6560 or

Handshake support provides excellent troubleshooting assistance. If you are experiencing technical difficulties in Handshake, click here to visit the Handshake support center.

I do not meet all of the qualifications for a job, can I still apply?

Any eligible candidate who has access to Handshake can apply for any job in Handshake, regardless of qualifications. While no candidate is ever "blocked" from applying, you may not necessarily be fully qualified based on items such as major, GPA, etc. However, you may see a system message that indicates you are missing a qualification. Please note that this will not stop you from submitting your application for any opportunity.