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Steven J. and Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger Internship Fund

Longtime LVC supporters Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger and Steven J. Holsinger established the DiMatteo Holsinger Internship Fund. Through their generosity, funds are available to help students with reasonable costs associated with an internship including a stipend, and travel, and living expenses.




  1. DiMatteo Holsinger Funds are available to students in any major as well as undeclared students. Grants are available for fall or spring semesters, or summer.
  2. DiMatteo Holsinger Funds must be used to help defray expenses incurred during an internship experience, and are eligible for either academic credit or non-credit internship experiences.
    • Those costs may include transportation to/from the internship site, food, housing, and other related expenses. Funding cannot be used to pay for tuition expenses or offset costs for study abroad programs.
    • When appropriate, funding will provide a stipend to compensate for unpaid internships for students who seek to secure internships that may be distant from home.
  3. Students may request funding in the range of $500 - $4000 for up to six months. A grant in the full amount of the proposed request is not guaranteed. Recipients will be required to return any portion of the grant not used as proposed, or if they do not complete the internship as outlined in their proposal.
  4. Internships, either in a for-profit organization or other settings, should emphasize career preparation over rote tasks to include projects, ownership of work, the establishment of learning goals, and regular supervision.
  5. Internships, as defined for this grant, do not include field or clinical experiences associated with certification, such as student teaching or clinical fieldwork.
  6. Submitted applications will be reviewed and approved by the DiMatteo Holsinger Internship Fund Review Committee.  The Committee will work to distribute internship funding across multiple disciplinary areas.   



  1. Applicants must be currently enrolled students in good academic standing at LVC and rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Recent graduates are not eligible. Students not returning to campus for the semester after their internship are not eligible.
  2. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  3. Applicants must have secured an internship prior to submitting a DiMatteo Holsinger Fund application. Internships must be at least six weeks and up to 12 weeks, with a minimum of 120 hours. Substantive and supervised work related to one’s field of study is required.
  4. All applications must include the signature of the applicant.  In the case of an academic internship, the application must also be signed by the student’s faculty internship supervisor or the academic advisor.
  5. Applicants must complete the application form by typing the required information and submitting it to the Breen Center by the deadlines outlined for each term. Handwritten applications will not be considered. Students are highly encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Breen Center career coach to review their résumé prior to submitting their application and supporting documents.


Be sure to consult your department for specific departmental internship requirements. Apply now.


What if the internship involves international travel?

If the internship involves international travel, a copy of the proposal must be submitted to Jill Russell, director of the center for global education and chair of the Global Education Committee. The committee will review the proposal with respect to any risks or concerns about the geographic destination.

Will a report of my internship experience be required?

The student will be responsible for preparing and producing a deliverable at the conclusion of the internship. Possible options include a final paper, presentation, project, ePortfolio, video, or an updated LinkedIn profile at the end of the internship that reflects on the experience. They must also reconcile the project budget and return any portion of the grant not used as proposed within 30 days. The Associate Dean of the Breen Center is responsible for assigning and assessing this project.


A copy of this project must be filed with the Breen Center for Graduate Success. Requirements may have some flexibility as to be determined by the Review Committee and the faculty advisor/supervisor. Recipients may also be asked to present at the College following the internship.


Who will review and approve my application?

Submitted applications will be reviewed and approved by the DiMatteo Holsinger Internship Fund Review Committee. The Committee will work to distribute internship funding across multiple disciplinary areas.

How do I apply?

The application is available here.

Please contact Natalia Smith at with any questions or to submit your application.