Top (10 +1) Qualities Employers Seek In Job Candidates

"Experts who study trends in hiring, find that most employers, regardless of size or industry, look for the same basic skills when hiring. They include:

Critical thinking: Seeing the big picture and being analytical; comprehending what you read.

Communications: Getting your point across effectively when writing and speaking.

Visionary qualities: Brainstorming, looking to the future, setting goals.

Self-motivation: Showing a willingness to take the initiative.

Proficiency with information: Being inquisitive, curious, and resourceful; knowing how to conduct research.

Globally-minded: Understanding and showing an interest in other cultures and getting along with diverse groups of people.

Teamwork: Working well with others to achieve common goals.

A liberal arts education equips you with highly valued skills for the workplace. Employers will hire you for your ability to think, communicate, and get along with other people... Then they'll train you," states Michelle Tullier.

Source: The Skills You Have and the Skills They Want; 


Another Way of Thinking About It...

Can you do the job? What do you already know or can learn? Do we like you? Do you fit? Are you a risk?

Bottom line. These are the things your interviewer is trying to assess when speaking with you. To help them make a good decision they look for you to provide concrete evidence of the following:

  • self-motivation and initiative
  • confidence
  • written and oral communication skills
  • maturity
  • leadership strengths
  • interpersonal social skills
  • ability to work in team settings
  • organizational skills
  • decisiveness
  • problem-solving abilities
  • flexibility/adaptability
  • realistic goals
  • positive attitude, poise, appearance, enthusiasm