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#1 among all U.S. colleges, universities, and Pa. to “most likely to land a job”

A scientist at NASA, a former Governor of Pennsylvania, and an NCAA Division I basketball coach are just a few of the high profile alumni that have graduated from The Valley.

We’ll prepare you for a rewarding career and a meaningful life through research opportunities, competitive internships, and faculty mentoring. Lebanon Valley College was listed #1 among all U.S. colleges and universities and #1 in Pennsylvania, with a 96.185% job placement rate.

Our students conduct research alongside faculty on cancer cells, mathematical theory, and Brazilian music

They complete internships and fellowships at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Pennsylvania State Capitol, Anderson Audio, and other companies large and small.

Our faculty will know you and guide you with assistance on preparing for graduate school interviews, writing reference letters, and sharing their personal networking connections.


Students prepare for graduation ceremonies

Launch Your Career

Want to start your senior year with a job offer already in hand? Our students often do! Our recent graduates are starting careers at The Hartford, Lockheed Martin, and KPMG.

Go To Top Graduate Schools

Students are pursuing post-graduate degrees in medicine, physical therapy, counseling, philosophy, and more. They are enrolling at Drexel University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin, Syracuse University, and other renowned colleges.

Hannah Pell in Austria during Fulbright year

Be Recognized

Six Fulbright Scholars in the past three years, a Pickering Fellow, an NCAA Post-Graduate Scholar. Through these prestigious and competitive programs, aspirations are achieved and a new world of opportunity opens.

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Patrick Maxwell ’17

Patrick Maxwell ’17 named Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow

Maxwell will benefit from mentoring and professional development in preparation for a career in the Foreign Service, along with financial support for graduate studies. He is LVC’s first Pickering Fellow.

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