Peer Mentors

What is the Peer Mentor program all about?
The Peer Mentor Program begins during orientation and continues throughout the first semester. This program eases the transition of new students to LVC. The primary goals of the program are for new students to succeed socially and academically, to ensure that each new student has an upper-class student from whom they can seek assistance, and to help students become well acquainted with other new students.

New and transfer students will be assigned to a group composed of approximately 10 other students who will more than likely share the same major. Every group will be led by a Peer Mentor (PM), an upper-class student who has displayed leadership ability and a willingness to assist new students during their first year of college. These PMs will serve as positive role models and acquaint all new students with LVC's structure, services and culture.

You will meet your Peer Mentor for the first time in person on Thursday, August 27. You should find your PM to be helpful in easing your transition into life at Lebanon Valley College. Your PM is looking forward to meeting you and urges you to not only take advantage of his or her services, but to have fun! 

Meet the Leadership Team
The Head Peer Mentors are mature, responsible students who are staff members of the Office of Student Affairs chosen on the basis of leadership, character, dedication, and the ability to relate well with others. Head Peer Mentors assist the regular peer mentors in their growth and training for the Orientation weekend. You might also recognize their faces from New Student Advising Days or Open Houses!

Todd Snovel,
Head Peer Mentors:
Lacey Erikson
Senior, English Major
Newark, DE 

Kara Jones 
Senior, Music Major
Harrisburg, PA 
Bill McGowan 
Senior, Actuarial Science and Economics Major 
Ottsville, PA 

Vinny Tranchitella 
Senior, Psychobiology Major 
York, PA