Family's Role

Your students are about to enter an unfamiliar academic and social environment where new learning opportunities will be numerous. We share in the excitement and understand the many questions that you may have concerning your student's College experience.

We will attempt to create a challenging but supportive environment for your students. However, the decisions they make will determine the quality of their educational experience.

We believe a Lebanon Valley College education should be a shared experience between students and their families. It has been shown that family support and encouragement can greatly influence a college student's performance. Many questions, anxieties and uncertainties may exist for both parents and students. As time draws near to arriving on campus, it is important that the family openly discuss areas of concern. Starting college is not only an adjustment for the student, but also for the parents and the rest of the family.

For new students, it is not unusual to feel alone, isolated and homesick. Eventually, they will find friends who will provide encouragement, understanding and support. However, family support is critical in the early part of the transition stage between high school and college. Communication between parents and their student throughout the semester is important, but it is extremely important during the first four to six weeks of the semester.

We hope that students will bring to our attention any questions or problems they may encounter. However, we know that for many reasons, students are reluctant to do so. One way that you can be most supportive is to have ongoing conversations about their experiences at the College, both in and out of the classroom. Hopefully, you will partner with us in actively encouraging your student to communicate to us any questions or concerns that they may have.

Encourage then to become involved in campus life and to meet and make new friends. Developing a sense of belonging is critical to feeling satisfied with one's college experience. Also, a total educational experience means becoming involved in both classroom and out of classroom learning opportunities. Encourage your student to stay on campus as much as possible during the first few months of the fall semester.

There are support services on campus to assist all students. Please encourage support and assistance when needed. Our support services include academic advisers, academic tutors, career development, the office of spiritual life, counseling services, health services, disability services, the residential life staff, the student affairs staff and the writing center/peer tutoring.

If you have a question about your son or daughter's transition to college, either academically or socially, or if we can be of other assistance, do not hesitate to call the student affairs staff, 717-867-6233, or e-mail Bob Mikus, associate dean of students, at Your son or daughter's success is our primary concern.