LVC Lingo

AC – Area Coordinator assigned to your residence hall, a professional staff member
AES – The Audio Engineering Society
The Albright game – if we win the Albright game, students petition President Thayne for an extra day off at Thanksgiving break
The Allen Theatre – the movie theater on Main Street, next to MJ’s Coffeehouse


The Bat – the Batdorf Restaurant on Main Street
Boger – the cement company behind Yuhas Commons
The bridge – the train bridge that connects Summit Street to the sports fields, Arnold Sports Center, and the parking lots


C-Store – Dutchmen Den, located in Yuhas Commons
Chicken Tender Thursday – chicken tenders, fries (usually waffle), and mac & cheese. Pretty much the best lunch day ever.
Christmas at the Valley – the annual Christmas program in Miller Chapel
College Center Desk – located in Mund College Center


Dutchmen Day – the annual day of no classes, outdoor fun, and free t-shirts


E2Campus – the emergency alert system that takes place on campus


The Flying Dutchman – the college’s mascot, distinguished by blonde flowing hair and winged feet


Hot Dog Frank – the statue of Hot Dog Frank in the Peace Garden. Frank Aftosomes was famous for giving out free hot dogs whenever LVC’s basketball team won a home game in the 1930s. Each year, free hot dogs are given to people on Hot Dog Frank Day
Humanities Building – Administration Building


J&S – the pizza place on Main Street


La Vie – the college’s weekly newspaper

Mail Room – located in the basement of Humanities with a fax machine available for students
MJ’s – the coffee shop on Main Street, where coffeehouse shows take place, next to the Allen Theatre.
Mund – Mund College Center; includes the Dining Hall, Living Room, Center for Student Engagement, Student Learning Commons, College Store, College Center Desk, Residential Life Offices, and The UG.
MyLVC – your online account where you can access Blackboard, Red Book, and AccessLVC, Webmail, and Job Center

PM – Peer Mentor


Quad – either the academic quad (in the middle of all of the academic buildings) or the social quad (between Mund and Vickroy)
Quittie – the park in Annville


RA – Resident Assistant assigned to your floor, is an upperclassman
The Red Avenger – LVC’s infamous maker of mischief disguised in red; he likes to come out during special events on campus
Red Book – an online service where you can sign up for awesome trips, dinners, and events taking place off campus. Sign up through MyLVC.


SG – Student Government


The train – the train that goes by behind most of the residential buildings


UG – the Underground in Mund College Center; open for Saturday night dances
UG Dance – when the UG turns into a dance club every Saturday night at midnight


VF – annual ValleyFest weekend, the campus Spring Arts festival


Wig and Buckle – The college's Theater Company since 1935