Greetings Class of 2018 and Welcome to LVC!

We are thrilled that you have decided to join to the Lebanon Valley College community. You are joining an active, supportive, and innovative community of learners and professionals who are here to help you excel academically, socially, and professionally.

This year’s Orientation theme, “Set For Success,” was submitted by your classmate Noah Houtz '18. It is our hope that you will indeed be set for success through all the offerings that LVC puts in place to help you achieve your goals, in and outside the classroom. Take advantage of all we offer; attend events, meet new people, ask questions, and challenge yourself to become the person you want to be.

We understand that beginning the college experience can be both exciting and worrisome. Our orientation programs are filled with activities to help you navigate campus. We encourage you to browse the website and new student blog, connect on the Class of 2018 Facebook page, and utilize your peer mentors, resident assistants, and staff members that are here to help you.

Please take time to regularly review the information provided here. This site will be updated to provide important dates, forms, resources and opportunities that are focused specifically on you as the newest members of our LVC community. Don’t be afraid to ask—we love what we do and want to help you succeed. We are always available to answer questions or assist you.

  • Todd Snovel, Associate Director of Student Activities and Engagement, 717-867-6168 (
  • Michael Diesner, Director of Residential Life, 717-867-6231 (
  • Greg Krikorian, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, 717-867-6238 (
  • Robert Mikus, Associate Dean of Students Affairs, 717-867-6863 (

We look forward to your arrival and the start of Orientation on Thursday, August 21st!