Students who need to create posters for academic or conference presentations may use the services provided through the Center for Student Engagement in the Allan W. Mund College Center. Please review the printing prices and poster printing policy before submitting the online print request form.


Poster Printing Policy and Procedure

The following instructions will help ensure that posters will be printed in a timely manner:

File Format

  • Files should be created in the dimensions of the expected finished product to reduce possible errors and/or pixellation during enlargement.
  • Solid dark backgrounds use a large amount of ink and should be avoided. If that is not possible, there could be an extra charge for the ink.
  • Use only approved College logos and colors.
  • Please supply files in PDF format only.

If a PowerPoint slide is being converted to a PDF, please do the following:

  • Open a new slide.
  • Click on the Design Tab on the top of the toolbar.
  • On the right, click on Slide Size. Choose Custom Slide Size.
  • Select Slides Sized for to Custom.
  • Enter the width and height you desire. Click on OK.
  • Choose Ensure Fit.
  • Make sure to save as a PowerPoint Slide first so changes can be made.
  • Once your slide is finished, save as a PDF for submission.



Some academic departments will pay the cost of printing for student posters; others require the students to be responsible for the charges listed below. Students should check with the department chairperson prior to submitting a request. If the department will incur the cost, students must have the department’s budget number.

The individual submitting the request is responsible for the accuracy of the material. If there is an error in the text and the poster needs to be printed again, the individual will be charged for each additional printing.


Pricing Guidelines

Regular Paper

Less than 50% Ink $2 per Square Foot
Greater than 50% Ink $2.75 per Square Foot
Laminating $1.50 per Square Foot

Photo Paper

Less than 50% Ink $3 per Square Foot
Greater than 50% Ink $3.75 per Square Foot
Laminating $1.50 per Square Foot



Files must be submitted at least two business days prior to date needed. All Inquiry and end of Spring semester poster presentation requests must be submitted no later than the first Monday of April.



To request to have a poster printed, please complete the online request form below. If the request comes from a student, the department chair will be notified of the request.