Prior to Registration

  1. Look through a brief overview of how to search and register for courses in AccessLVC. You can also check out the Registration Tutorial Video.
  2. Review your Progress report in AccessLVC and consult the 4-year plan for your major (contact your advisor if you need to declare a major or make additional program changes).
  3. Identify possible courses to take and create a tentative schedule in AccessLVC. Be sure to identify alternate courses in case your first choices are closed.
  4. Contact your advisor(s) well ahead of your registration start time (posted at the top of your schedule for that term) to discuss your course selections. Make any necessary adjustments to your schedule.
  5. Check for possible registration restrictions, such as advisor registration restrictions and Business Office holds. Please contact to address a Business Office hold.
  6. Submit your fall and spring registration on or after your assigned registration start time. Once registered, your courses should appear in GREEN (courses in yellow are planned, not registered):
     Courses without meeting times will appear below the calendar, and must also be GREEN to be registered.
  7. If your desired courses are closed, register for alternatives. If needed, you may waitlist yourself for your first choice of courses. **Please note that the waitlist option will be disabled prior to the start of the add/drop period.

Courses Which Require Additional Approval

Registration for any course which students are unable to add online via AccessLVC (i.e. prerequisite overrides, or conflict overrides) may be submitted via the electronic 'Change of Registration Form' available to students in MyLVC. Completion of this form will require approval of the student's first major advisor prior to submission to the Registrar's Office for processing. Use of this registration method will not override course seat capacities, without specific approval from the course instructor, and confirmation that space is available in the assigned classroom.

Independent Activities Requiring Special Approval

Registration for a course requiring special approval—such as internships, independent studies, and tutorial studies, which require special permission to enrolled—may be completed using PDF forms available on the Registrar's Office website.  A form will need to be submitted to the appropriate faculty member for approval (see instructions on the form for details), who will then forward it to the Registrar's Office at

Registration Support

If you are unable to login to AccessLVC, please contact the IT Solutions Center at

If you have any questions please contact the Registrar's Office at

Changes can still be made online after the end of the registration period through the last day of the add/drop period. However, online registration will close for most of the winter and summer breaks. See the registration calendar for details.  For more information on registering for closed courses, please see our waitlist and course enrollment policy.