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The Registrar’s Office is responsible for clearing students for graduation and awarding degrees. As part of this process, students are asked to complete a Graduation Plan/Application for Degree by the first day of registration (usually in April) the year prior to participating in Commencement.  Students should take the following steps in completing this process: 

  1. Complete the Graduation Plan/Application for Degree form electronically and print out the document. (This form is also available in the Registrar's Office.)  Please see an example of a completed form to use as a guide in completing your own form.
  2. Print out your progress report in AccessLVC and identify unmet requirements, noting planned courses that will be taken to meet these requirements. Please see instructions on using the progress report for more information.
  3. Meet with ALL faculty advisors to review your plan and obtain all necessary signatures.
  4. Return the completed form and degree audit to the Registrar's Office.

Completion of the graduation plan/application for degree is required for all students to graduate.  The plan ensures that students know where they stand prior to graduation and allows the Registrar’s Office to accurately evaluate students' graduation status.