Requests for room reservations must be emailed to Meghan Mazick at All requests will be confirmed by return email. The Registrar’s Office reviews classroom reservation requests once per day and can only guarantee responses to requests made with a minimum 48-hour notice prior to the event, excluding weekends and holidays. 

Please include the following information when requesting a classroom:

  • Name of event or meeting
  • Contact person
  • Date of event or meeting
  • Start and end time
  • Capacity of room needed to accommodate the group
  • Preferred classroom or building
  • Additional times and dates, if this is a reoccurring meeting or event
  • Technology needed - You must contact AV Tech to schedule technology access

For use of spaces other than classrooms, reservations must be placed through the Office of Conference Services.

**Please be sure to leave the furniture in the rooms as it was found on arrival so as not to impact other events and classes.**



Faculty wishing to make changes to course classroom assignments should contact Kelsea Gonzalez, associate registrar, at

  • Section number and title
  • Current classroom
  • What is needed in place of scheduled classroom
  • Days and meeting times of course
  • Instructor’s name and/or contact person