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The 1st Active Shooter Response Program ATI in 50 States

The ALICE program was authored by a police officer to keep his wife, an elementary school principal, safe after the tragic events at Columbine. Since these humble beginnings, ALICE continues to be the leading active shooter response program in the US.


ALICE is a Proactive Response to a Man Made Threat

The purpose of ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training is to prepare individuals to handle the threat of an Active Shooter. ALICE teaches individuals to participate in their own survival, while leading others to safety. Though no one can guarantee success in this type of situation, this new set of skills will greatly increase the odds of survival should anyone face this form of disaster.


ALICE Acronym

To make it easy to remember in a stressful situation, ALICE is broken up into five strategies: Alert; Lockdown; Inform; Counter and Evacuate.

  • The purpose of ALERT is to notify as many people as possible within the danger zone that a potentially life threatening risk exists.
  • The purpose of LOCKDOWN is to secure in place, and prepare to EVACUATE or COUNTER, if needed.
  • The purpose of INFORM is to continue to communicate the intruder’s location in real time.
  • The purpose of COUNTER is to interrupt the intruder and make it difficult or impossible to aim. This is a strategy of last resort.
  • The purpose of EVACUATE is to remove yourself from the danger zone when it is safe to do so.