Freshman  Gold Lot Campus Parking Only
Sophomores Red Lot Campus Parking Only
Juniors Red Lot Campus Parking Only
Seniors Red Lot Campus Parking Only
Derickson Hall Blue Lot Campus Parking Only and Designated Spaces on the Silver Lot at Route 934 and Sheridan Avenue.
Commuters Green Lot Campus Parking Only and Designated Spaces at the College Center Lot and the Summit Street Area. Overflow Parking on the Red and Gold Lots.


Please Note--> Temporary Parking on Campus:

Vehicles temporarily parked for loading and unloading must activate their four-way emergency flashers. Temporary parking is defined as parked no longer then fifteen minutes.

Pull-off parking on Sheridan Ave. between Route 934 and College Ave. is allowed for fifteen minutes only in the designated areas.


The following applies to all students:

  • Campus vehicle registration fee: $25 per year, $15 per semester
  • All vehicles must be properly registered with the campus Public Safety Office and a valid decal affixed to the inside rear window.
  • Fines: All fines are $30 except for non-registration
  • 1st non-registration violation: $30
  • 2nd non-registration violation: $50
  • 3rd non-registration violation: $75
  • Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • All parking appeals must be initiated within two business days from the date the citation was issued. There must be reasonable justification for appeal. Unfamiliarity or mistake of LVC parking regulations is not justification for an appeal.
  • All fines must be paid at the LVC Business Office, Room 110, Humanities Building.
  • Citations may be issued every 24 hours for the same offense.
  • Annville Township streets surrounding the college may have restricted prohibited parking. Please familiarize yourself with these streets and their restrictions.
  • All fines are the responsibility of the registered owner or driver. All unpaid fines will be applied to the violator's or registrant's personal account for the term in which they are incurred.
  • Please review the campus parking brochure for general and more detailed information concerning campus parking rules and regulations.
  • All visitors must register their vehicle with the Public Safety Office. There is no cost to register your visitor. Decals are available in the Public Safety Office, 148 N. College Ave., ext. 6111.
  • All vehicles must be registered by September 1.