Driving and parking on campus is a privilege, not a right. Motor vehicle regulations are in effect at all times throughout the year, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. In addition to these rules, all driving and parking regulations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code apply on campus roadways and may be enforced by local police departments. It is your responsibility to know and abide by all rules and regulations; unfamiliarity with them will not alleviate your responsibility to obey them. This code is subject to change throughout the year. Any changes will be posted.


General Information and Provisions

  1. Lebanon Valley College shall not be held liable for any theft or damages to cars while parked or driven on campus.
  2. All motor vehicles and all contents therein are subject to search while on the College grounds when an individual has violated an alcohol policy and/or probable cause exists to warrant a search.
  3. All traffic accidents involving a hit and run (pedestrian or property) injury, death, or towing of the vehicle(s) involved must be reported to the Office of Public Safety immediately. All other traffic accidents must be reported to the Office of Public Safety within 72 hours.
  4. Any parking violations, regardless of who was using the vehicle, shall be the responsibility of the registrant.
  5. Any driving violations will be the responsibility of the operator.
  6. Parking and driving regulations are in effect at all times.
  7. The College reserves the right to remove or tow away any vehicle (at the owner's expense).
  8. A disabled vehicle must be immediately reported, by the registrant, to the Office of Public Safety at extension 6111.
  9. Enforcement of parking regulations on campus is effective 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
  10. Any special exceptions for parking or driving a vehicle on campus must be authorized by the director of public safety.
  11. Vehicles temporarily parked for loading and unloading must activate their four-way emergency flashers. Temporary parking is defined as parked no longer than fifteen minutes.

Parking & Driving Information

Driving Regulations

  1. The campus speed limit is 15 m.p.h., except where posted differently.
  2. The following violations are serious offenses. Depending on the severity of the violation and/or subsequent violations, campus parking/driving privileges will be rescinded for a period of time as determined by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.
    1. Driving any motor vehicle (including motorcycle) on any sidewalk or lawn,
    2. Speeding,
    3. Driving without headlights after dark,
    4. Failure to come to a complete halt at a stop sign or when emerging from a parking lot,
    5. Reckless driving or driving too fast for conditions,
    6. Passing another vehicle moving in the same direction,
    7. Failure to yield the right-of-way to person(s) in a crosswalk or to a blind pedestrian,
    8. Tampering with, defacing, or removing any parking or traffic control sign or device; this includes disregarding these devices,
    9. Littering,
    10. Failure to yield right-of-way and/or immediately stop for a public safety vehicle when emergency lights are activated, and 
    11. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Any individual operating a motor vehicle on campus is required to have in their possession a valid driver's license and insurance card.
  4. All motor vehicles are required to comply with their respective state's inspection requirements.
  5. If you have anyone servicing your vehicle on campus please contact the Office of Public Safety at Ext. 6111.
  6. All vehicles on campus must be registered with the Public Safety Office by September 1, or they are subject to a violation.
  7. Vehicles brought to campus after September 1, must be registered.


Parking Regulations

Parking Enforcement

All vehicles operated by students, including all part-time students, administrators, faculty, and staff must be registered with the Office of Public Safety, 867-6111 (from off campus) or Ext. 6111 (from on campus).

College personnel should use designated college parking areas.

The College employs officers responsible for the enforcement of parking regulations. Fines, booting, and towing charges are the responsibility of the person named on the campus registration. The owner or operator will be responsible for an unregistered vehicle. Parking ticket appeals may be made online.

The College reserves the right to revoke or suspend parking privileges of any person for any cause.

Campus Parking Restrictions

Students may park only in "student parking" areas. Parking is prohibited on walks, driveways, lawns, unlined spaces on parking lots, and all parking areas marked restricted.

Resident students are prohibited from parking in the four first rows of the Arnold Sports Center.

Residents living in College-owned houses on College Avenue and Maple Street must park in the Red or Gold parking lots. Parking in the grass or parking areas behind these College-owned houses is prohibited.

Resident students with a Red Lot sticker may park in the following locations on weekends, beginning Friday at 6 p.m. through Sunday at 8 p.m.

  • Mund College Center Lot
  • Mary Green Lot
  • Silver Lot Q (Stanson hall south to Maple Street)
  • Commuter gravel lot at the corner of N. Railroad and East Sheridan Ave.
  • Summit Street (Please note that there may be special events on weekends that may prohibit parking along Summit Street).

Officers of the Department of Public Safety will strictly enforce these restrictions. Notification of these restrictions will be forwarded to students via campus email.

Vehicles parked in "NO PARKING" areas on campus will be ticketed. These areas include emergency/fire areas, yellow-painted curbs, handicap zones, grassy areas, dumpster pickups, and other posted areas.

Annville Parking Restrictions

The Annville Township surrounding streets have restrictive parking regulations. Please familiarize yourself with these streets and regulations.

Any resident and full-time commuter student vehicle is expressly prohibited from parking daily between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. in any of the following locations.

W. Sheridan Ave
E. Sheridan Ave
N White Oak St
College Ave
Church St
Lancaster St
New St
Railroad St
Railroad St
Maple St
Maple St
Manheim St
Ulrich St
Municipal Lot
East Maple St
East Queen St
King and North White Oak Sts.
Railroad & Ulrich Sts
Sheridan Ave & Route 422
Sheridan Ave & Route 422
N Lancaster St & N White Oak St
Church St & Summit St
Sherman & Railroad Sts
New St & Sheridan Ave
Sheridan Ave & Route 422
College Ave & Ulrich St
Ulrich and Grant Sts
Lebanon St & Route 422
Route 422 & Sheridan Ave
Ulrich St & Rank St.
South White Oak & Stuart St

Any student vehicle is expressly prohibited from parking between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. on the Annville Township municipal parking lot, located to the east of Annville Town Hall between Church Street and Lebanon Street.

All students currently residing in non-college-owned dwellings located in the restricted areas may park their vehicles in the restricted areas. Proof from a full-time student of being a bona fide resident requires registration as an Off-Campus (OC) student in the Office of Public Safety.

The parking regulations will be enforced by the Annville Township Police Department and the LVC Public Safety Office.

It shall be unlawful to misuse any permit required to be displayed or attached in this ordinance to park on any of the restricted streets or locations. It shall be unlawful to misrepresent, obtain, or display any decal, device, permit, or pass required to be displayed or attached on any vehicle to park on any restricted streets. 

Parking Fines

Any person who shall violate any provision of this ordinance shall be sentenced to pay a fine of: for a first violation, $30; for a second violation, $50; for a third violation, $75; for a fourth or subsequent violation, $100; for a fifth or subsequent violation not less than $100 nor more than $300, together with costs of prosecution and court costs, and in default of payment of such fine and costs, to undergo imprisonment for not more than two days.

Any vehicle having violated any provision of this ordinance for a fourth or subsequent violation may be towed as a scofflaw at the owner's expense. The violation(s) are calculated from the effective date of the revised ordinance.

Employee & Business Parking Restrictions

Any educational institution employee vehicle is prohibited from parking between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. in all locations where a student vehicle is prohibited, as described herein, unless the vehicle bears a valid, current parking placard, issued by the employee's educational institution, permanently affixed to the vehicle.

Certain business parking is prohibited. Any parked motor vehicle owned by or in the possession of any employee or employee's family member of certain businesses located within this area of Annville Township as described herein, or by certain businesses, as designated by resolution of the Annville Township Board of Commissioners, is prohibited from parking between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. in all locations where a student vehicle is prohibited, as described herein, unless the vehicle bears a valid, current decal or device issued by Annville Township, displayed on or affixed to the vehicle in a prominent location.

Special Events Parking

The College regularly hosts concerts, lectures, and athletic events. The Office of Public Safety staffs these events and provides personnel and equipment to ensure adequate security coverage.

Patrons are asked to follow the instructions of the officers regarding parking, admission, and conduct. 

Certain events may require reserving large portions of on-campus parking to accommodate patrons. Parking may be extremely limited, both on and off-campus, and access may be difficult.

Visitor Parking Regulations

All visitors on campus must obtain a visitor's parking permit, which must be clearly displayed by hanging it from the vehicle's interior rearview mirror.

The permits will be issued at no cost.

The permits may be obtained from the Office of Public Safety, 148 N. College Ave.

Temporary permits issued are valid only for 48 hours.


Handicapped Placards & Special Permits

Lebanon Valley College handicapped placards and special permits are available in the Office of Public Safety, 148 N. College Ave., extension 6111.

How to Request a Temporary Parking Permit for Medical Reasons

Temporary parking permits can be requested by a student for reasons related to an injury, health condition, or disability. It is recommended to have documentation from a physician describing the reason for your parking permit request. 

Students should complete this form to make a request. Turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours, and students will receive an email if their request is approved with information about picking up their temporary permit from Public Safety.

Registration Fees

Residential students must pay $25.00 annually or $15.00 a semester.

Commuter students must pay $25.00 annually or $15.00 a semester.

No fee for part-time students.

Permits are available at the Office of Public Safety at 148 N. College Ave. 

Any changes on registration forms must be reported to the Office of Public Safety within 48 hours.

Parking permits must be displayed on the vehicle's driver side inside rear window.

Transferring parking permits from one vehicle to another is prohibited and is subject to a fine and/or loss of campus parking privileges. Also fraudulent/altered decals will result in loss of campus parking privileges.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

Students must register their vehicles annually. Administrators, faculty, and staff must register at time of employment.  Employee placards are to be hung on their rear view mirror and are transferable between vehicles.  Placards are to be returned at time of separation.  All administrators, faculty, and staff must have a current valid permit.

Students residing off campus in non-campus properties must register their vehicle with the Public Safety Office.

Students residing off-campus in non-campus properties must register their vehicle with Lebanon Valley College Public Safety Office.

Campus Construction

If there is campus construction affecting any parking assignments, the campus community will be informed via posted notices and web and/or e-mail announcements indicating the location of construction, time period, and alternative options for parking.

Fines and Procedures


  1. LVC non-registration
    1. First offense- $30
    2. Second offense- $50
    3. Third offense- $75, plus cost of towing or boot attached, and possible loss of campus parking privileges.
  2. Citations may be issued every 24 hours for the same offense.
  3. Handicapped, fire, and safety violations fine is $30.00 and possible towing or booting.
  4. All other fines remain at $30.00.
  5. Removal of boot is an additional $50.00 cost. The operator/owner of the car will be liable for cost to replace or repair a boot if it is tampered with, damaged or attempted to be removed.
  6. Receipt of a third parking violation for any reason is subject to review and possible loss of campus parking/ driving privileges and your vehicle will be towed or a boot attached by the Office of Public Safety.

Procedures for Penalties and Appeals

  1. It is the responsibility of the violator (or the registrant) to pay all fines or initiate an appeal within five (5) business days from the time a citation is issued.
  2. All fines, plus any costs, are due and payable at the BUSINESS OFFICE COUNTER only.
  3. All appeals must be done online. See more details here.
  4. A parking appeal will not be considered if not made to the Office of Public Safety within five (5) days of receiving the violation. (excluding weekends and holidays)
  5. All unpaid fines or fees will be applied to the violator's or registrant's personal account for the term in which they are incurred.
  6. The College reserves the right to restrict and/or suspend driving and/or registration privileges for any violation(s) of this traffic code.
  7. Violations of campus parking regulations and the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code may result in issuing a Pennsylvania vehicle citation by campus police.
  8. There must be reasonable justification for appeal. Unfamiliarity or mistake of LVC parking regulations is not justification for an appeal.

Vehicle Problems

Individuals who are unable to start their vehicles or who have locked themselves out of their vehicles can contact the Office of Public Safety. The office will loan jumper cables or refer the individual to an area garage. The office will not assist in attempting to unlock electric car locks. The individual will be referred to an area locksmith. The Public Safety Office is not responsible for any damage that may result with a request to start or attempt to unlock a vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

All students must register their vehicle(s) with the Public Safety Office.  We request you register your vehicle(s) online using Access LVC. You must present a photo ID to obtain your Parking Decal at the Public Safety Office.

Register your vehicle online here.

Pick up your parking decal(s) at the Public Safety Office, located at 148 North College Ave.

Full-Time Students - $25 annually or $15 a semester.

No fee for Part-Time Students.


All vehicle regulations apply to motorcycles, motor bikes, and motor scooters.

Parking is only permitted in legal parking spaces.

The Pennsylvania vehicle code applies to all motorcycles.


Bicycle Registration

Students who bring bicycles to campus must register them with the Public Safety Office. A decal will be issued that must be displayed on the bicycle at all times. The decal should aid in recovery of the bicycle if lost or stolen.

Bicycles should be locked securely to bicycle racks provided on campus. For additional safety, the use of a krypton-type lock is strongly recommended. Additionally, bicycles should be checked periodically.

Traffic rules and regulations governing motor vehicles also apply to bicycle riding.

Snow Emergencies

If a campus snow emergency is declared, all vehicles must be removed from the areas designated within two (2) hours of the declaration. The campus community will be informed by notices posted in each residence hall, announcements made by resident assistants, e-mail, and other postings. Alternative parking will be suggested at the time of snow emergency declaration. Vehicles not removed during snow emergencies will be towed. All towing expenses are the responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle.

Escort Service

The Public Safety Office provides a personal safety escort anywhere on campus.

An escort can be arranged by calling the Public Safety Office at ext. 6111. A uniformed officer or a student employee of the Public Safety Office will be dispatched as soon as reasonably possible. In most instances, a walking escort to the pedestrian bridge will be provided, generally within ten minutes.

Periodically, situations arise, i.e., increased volume of escort requests during peak periods, which may delay your escort. The dispatcher will advise you at the time of your original call of any expected delays. If your escort has not arrived after ten minutes, please call again.

When you call to request an escort, please provide the dispatcher with the following information: your name, your exact location, after call, wait at the location for the officer.

When using the Emergency Blue Light phone to request an escort or for an emergency, press the Red Button, give your name and the location of the Blue Light and remain in the area until an officer or a student employee of the Public Safety Office responds.

All members of the College community are urged to use the escort service whenever personal safety is a concern.

Camera Surveillance Recorded Area

The Freshman Lot, walkway, and northeast area of campus are equipped for camera surveillance. Cameras are not monitored under normal operating conditions, but may be monitored periodically for legitimate safety and security purposes. Additional camera surveillance includes the Red Lot A & B area parking.