Primary Typefaces

For consistency, the College uses a limited number of fonts in its print publications. Because these fonts are not readily available on your computers, we have compiled a list of recommended fonts that are available on your computers. Use one of the following fonts for the text in your letters, posters and flyers, etc.: Times, Times New Roman, Calibri, Garamond, Adobe Garamond, or Helvetica Neue. Ten, 11 or 12 point type are recommended sizes for most documents.

LVC Typefaces

When composing a letter on the general college letterhead, you can add your office designation in 8-pt Calibri above the address block on the upper right hand corner of the letterhead or just below your signature in the font you used for your letter. You may also include an office phone number below your signature. Finally, whenever possible, please personally sign all letters in dark ink. If necessary to use a scanned signature, make sure to get a high-resolution signature using dark ink on a white background. 

LVC Letterhead