Athletic Clothing Style Guide


LVC’s primary colors are blue (PMS 540) and white. Gray is permissible as an accent color only (PMS Cool Gray 5) and should not be the primary color of a uniform. Red is no longer an acceptable accent color. The yellow of the Dutchman’s hair should only appear in the logo and nowhere else.

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The Dutchman 

The “Dutchman Oval” logo is the department’s primary logo. It should be used before all other logos. A one-color version may also be reproduced (on T-shirts, for example) in blue (PMS 540), white, gray (PMS Cool Gray 5), or black. Old, unacceptable versions of the Dutchman include: the full-body logo that includes the feet; any Dutchman logo that has only “LV” on his chest instead of “LVC”; any Dutchman logo where only his hair is colored in and he has no skin tone color; any Dutchman logo in alternate colors or that has been modified in any way.

Dutchmen Logo




The primary word logo is the “Interlock” mark. There are two versions—one with an oval, and one without. If possible, the mark should be reproduced in blue (PMS 540) with a white outline. It is acceptable to use the Interlock with words underneath (i.e. “Athletics” or “Basketball”). Old, unacceptable Interlock logos include: any logo with red; oval logos where the background is filled in.

Dutchmen Oval Logo

The logo can be used on printed materials, shirts, etc. It is blue (PMS 540) with no outline, but it is acceptable to use an alternate version that is white with a navy blue outline.

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Unacceptable Logos

Unacceptable logos