The publications arm of the Office of Marketing and Communications produces several hundred print pieces each year. These pieces include booklets, brochures, invitations, newsletters, postcards, programs, media guides, athletic communications, the annual “President’s Report,” and the semiannual “The Valley” alumni magazine.

The Office of Marketing and Communications should coordinate the planning, designing, and printing of any College publication. The office also provides editorial assistance for all written communications.

All College publications and communications, printed or electronic, should adhere to the College’s Editorial Style Guide as well as the College’s Visual Style Guide. For new projects, clients should allow 6–8 weeks for requesting, planning, and receiving the final product. For reprints requiring minimal changes, clients should allow a minimum of four weeks for completion. Please review the process required to ensure that you receive the best possible publication.

Publications—Process and Guidelines for Print Projects

Please note that due to the large volume of projects produced by our office each year, we recommend project requests are made with a specific due date. For planning purposes, most projects take between six and eight weeks from when text/information is received to final delivery.

  1. Official Request—Submit an official request to the director of communications to begin the planning and publication process. A designer will contact you to schedule a brief concept meeting (if needed), provide a project timeline with deadlines, and set up a Basecamp folder (Basecamp is a cloud-based project management system that will be explained to all new users). 
  2. Production Schedule—The normal 6–8 week schedule for completion of the project (design, production, and printing) will begin after a concept meeting (if needed) is held. To help ensure a timely delivery of your project, please provide final text in a Word document. 
  3. Process—As determined by the complexity of the project, the client will receive at least two proofs during the process. To help ensure a timely delivery of your project, we recommend that the first proof is shared and approved by all appropriate co-workers and supervisors, including the appropriate vice president if applicable.