Media Relations

LVC Marketing & Communications is always looking for ways to share the news of what's happening on campus! If you have a story idea or an item for one of the following categories, please contact us at 717-867-6030 or


Hometown News Releases

News releases are routinely sent to the hometown newspapers for student achievements and accomplishments, such as making dean's list, studying abroad, earning a community service award, or serving as an organization officer. Stories are also automatically published to, an online, achievement-based profile chronicling LVC-approved accomplishments.


Public Events

A wide array of cultural events are offered on campus and press releases are routinely written for these events. If you have arranged an event on campus that is open to the public and you would like publicity, please send information on your event as well as any photos at least four to five weeks in advance. (NOTE: If an event you have scheduled has been canceled, please notify Marketing & Communications immediately.)


Features for Television, Newspapers, and

We're always looking for colorful, creative stories to pitch to television and newspapers, or to use on the web. Stories that work the best are ones that focus on people. If you have a story idea, please contact Marketing & Communications at 717-867-6030 or


Photo Opportunities

If you know of a campus happening that would make a great photo for local media, contact us one to two weeks in advance and we'll notify the papers.


Op-Eds and Opinions

Is there a topic in the local or national news that you feel strongly about and would like to comment on by writing a newspaper op-ed or opinion article? Let us know. We can help you meet the paper's submission guidelines and work with you to shape your ideas.