Disturbing the Silence Video Series

For too long, minorities' voices, talents, and contributions have been ignored, pushed aside, and or minimized. This student-run series, called “Disturbing the Silence,” strives to amplify the voices of minority LVC students as they showcase their talents and share powerful personal stories.

Making LVC Fit for Me! (feat. Shellann Worthen)

Shellann talks about making LVC fit for her—from academics to extracurricular activities—where she wants to inspire other women and minority students to succeed at LVC and make the most of the opportunities available on campus.


The Power of Names & the Weight of Identity! (feat. Shelby Adjei)

Shelby explains the history of her family name and the teasing she endured growing up. She concludes by telling everyone to just be themselves and show the world what they have to offer.


Expression of Talent! (feat. Shami Beni)

A music education major, Shami expresses the influence of jazz in his life and demonstrates his musical talents.


A Slice of Another World! (feat. Fatima Madondo & Shingirai Guchu)

Shingirai Guchu and Fatima Madondo

Fatima and Shingirai talk about attending boarding school, the adjustment of leaving Zimbabwe to pursue college in America, and how that contributes to their identity and shapes their lives.


A Slice of Another World! (feat. Ethan Tirado)

Ethan Tirado

Ethan shares personal family stories about his Dominican heritage and how that culture shaped him into who he is today.


Stories From Someone Overwhelmingly Human! (feat. Allison Liu)

Allison Liu

Allison shares the inspiration behind her Humans of LVC project that launched in Fall 2020. She encourages us to ask questions and keep asking questions which shows an interest in other people.


A Slice of Another World! (feat. Erica Coles-Dietrick)

Erica Coles-Dietrick

Erica shares her experiences of navigating her biracial identity and how it impacted her acceptance of who she is. From growing up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania to finding her place at LVC and becoming a part of the campus community, hear Erica discuss how she realized she is her own person.


Stories From Someone Overwhelmingly Human! (feat. Yeika Pizzaro)

Yeika Pizarro

A first-generation college student, Yeika recalls the confusion and messiness of navigating the college process, especially when it comes to financial aid. Now as a sophomore, Yeika is helping new students through their transition to college by serving as a mosaic mentor.


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